Pure Active CBD is a family-owned business out of Bartlesville, OK. What started as an innovative idea to grow hemp in hopes of saving the family farming operation, turned into a business of its own.

Owner, Jonathan Kelley, was a third generation farmer with his father, Boots Kelley. During the spring of 2017, crops had hit an all-time low and the Kelley’s were forced with the decision to either throw in the towel and sell all their farming equipment, or start farming alternative crops. That’s when Jonathan Kelley first started researching how to cultivate hemp. He was overwhelmed and overjoyed to find all the uses and bi-products of hemp. However, that idea quickly hit a sour note after learning the crop is currently illegal in the state of Oklahoma.  Nevertheless, that same research led him to find and learn all about the uses and positive effects of an oil stemming from the hemp plant called “CBD” and soon after, Pure Active CBD was formed.

That same diehard farmer is also a diehard animal lover and after seeing all the positive effects it was having on humans, decided to formulate a product to help failing pets as well. Jonathan’s own 110-pound yellow lab, Cooper, had passed away in February of 2017 due to complications with arthritis. “We tried hundreds of different supplements and pain management drugs to help Cooper, but at that time, there wasn’t anything on the market that worked,” said Kelley. And that’s how the pet-products line was developed.

Pure Active CBD is designed to help those looking for an alternative solution to the overly medicated society of prescription drugs and educate customers on the benefits of natural hemp CBD. All Pure Active CBD products are legal in all 50 states.

Pure Active CBD prides itself on providing the highest quality and most affordable CBD products on the market. If you’re not satisfied with our products, we will refund your purchase.