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Hi, this is john kelly with you active cbd here today to talk to you about the benefits of pure, active cbd cbd water, where to begin what are the benefits and i? Have somebody in there asking the questions and then being able to hellfire back solo where to start, if you’re not familiar with cbd, it stands for cannabidiol and it is derived from industrial. Hemp I am the until recently very recently, 2014 that it was illegal to farm industrial hemp in the us, for the fear that it might produce high amounts of thc plus be another product for the street. I guess:i anyways one interesting fact about cbd the u.S. Government patent on cbd industrial hemp. If you don’t believe me google it pretty interesting. I want to touch you on your active cvds, cbd water, that’s available in three flavors raspberry, rush, orange, crush, lemon lime, lush and hard to say:i, like that 12 ounce cans, 15 mg of cbd per can and with that being said, I wish I had one in here.

It was handy i, paid off all the nutrition facts, but low sugar snap for sugar. Everything in this is all natural. The sugars come from the fruit juices that we use. We did use a little stevia in the lime lush one, because it was so acidic that we had to get the sweetness up a little bit and it was either dump a lot more sugar in there or use a sugar alcohol such as worth tall, didn’t want to do that so anyways 11 grams of sugar or less under 15 grams of carbs under 50 calories, all very clean. It’s designed to be an everyday drink to recover a drink and swipe drive to cbd cbd water is getting all the attention and it’s getting cuz I didn’t know them when we decided it was a low-calorie low-sugar clean drink. My goal was that when you rotate the can in your hand, you want to see what tenant the average person needs to be able to read every ingredient. That’s on that can, if you can’t, why would you put it in your body, so anyways little off topic, cedric there on the dvd water offered by pure active cbd and go to our website it corrected cbd.Com. You can claim you or any any flavor for just a dollar we’re covering the shipping until a great deal we have going on. We want to get whatever flavor.

Is your favorite into your hand, for you to try it leave us a review. Tell us what you think if we need to change something I want to know when change something. If enough people think that the same thing needs to be changed to be foolish, not to change it. So anyways. That being said, what attached on the air, the endo cannabinoid system in the human body-and this is why cbd in the cbd water does so well, the human body has its own endocannabinoid system has its to receptors. You have cb1 and cb2, and they are cb1. Receptors are not only in the brain and the spinal cord, but they’re in tissues as well. Cb2 receptors are found primarily in the immune tissues, immune system and-and you know, that’s just recent research study of the cbd. So this is why dvd work so well in the human body is because it it. It causes human body to I’m kind of bad. You drink the cbd water and then ingest it get into your bloodstream. It’s getting the bodies have an endocannabinoid system to fire fire off the cb receptors are fired off with the cbd entered into the bloodstream. That’s why some people like marijuana so much because the thc responds to the cb1 receptors. The cbd does not cause any psychoactive and it’s not on cycle a cuz I kind of like that they’re trying to go, but I was going to go with it, but thc is psychoactive, and so with that being said, that those are the the main differences between marijuana and cbd cbd non-psychoactive marijuana with thc is what else were to go. Like I said three flavors check our website out, tractive cbd.Com and tell us what you think.

There’s a video. That’s about us! Why you guys didn’t know that I’m, a farmer by trade always been the ad cultural background, and so I wanted to go to the industrial hemp, but I couldn’t yet so in the meantime, start up here at 2 cbd and develop the cbd water. Hopefully 2019 lobelia plant it but anyways. Why is cbd so great? So many reasons:where do you even start in from it’s? My biggest thing is you can buy over the counter or prescription opioid if you can take cbd over the counter and and get the same effect from cbd water versus taking a lab-made drug, and if you were getting the same effect, man does make a lot of sense to me why you wouldn’t want to just take cbd water, so I’m, trying to find those an article that I wanted to pull up I’m trying to find it encourage everyone to do their own research, that’s about to be able to find any way to save it, but anyways. Just, cbd, cbd water, as we said, failed one. Three different flavors trying to think well. I will step off on the next topic with the next only got a couple minutes here. I think we talked about the cb1 receptors and that is cb1. Receptors is movement. Cognitive function appetite another nausea vomiting is another one of them. I can’t with these dinners that there’s another term for all these spinal cord. That might be why the client lunch and the pain was leaving his lower back and learning memory and stress and I think I already mentioned appetite so cbd is for lack of better term sobering.

Cbd water can be used as a hangover remedy. If you’ve you partied a little hard I’m, not going to judge you any night of the week and you take cbd water and the way you go so it’ll help with that helps with nausea help some movement. So we know those are two things that kind of hard to put together. After 8 good night of the college party, like i, said, I was., I’m, apologizing I got to seem distant, I’m still trying to figure out the article I should have remembered. If you got to talk to mary cbd saves lives, take a look at charlotte. What’s your name is charlotte fuji figgy anyways she was nuts who are charlotte’s. Web cbd was named after the. There was a couple brothers that grew the strand high strain of marijuana is high-cbd low-thc and literally save this girl’s. Life still alive today. Doing amazing have amazing recovery, so I encourage you to go check that out and as I mentioned, if you’re interested the cbd water go to pure active cbd.Com, do a no-brainer offer, try any can for $0.99 and will cover the shipping get it out there to you and I get your first trial, attractive, cbd, cbd, water