CBD Water | Bioavailability Blended

Hi this is john kelly. If you’re active, cbd found her. I can cbd and the crazy mastermind behind to active cbds, carbonated water, and we also have the edges to regular. Active cbd water for those that do not want any flavor or any carbonation. So where we left off was well i. Guess, let’s start with someone else how to come up with the idea, if you’re active, cbd and the cbd water after several months of trial and error of using trying to get cbd oils to mix with water, and as you can imagine, it’s pretty hard to get oil mix with water, it can be done, but all the a j. What was it? What was in the pharmacy? They were using worms blending the way we wanted and we couldn’t get over that clear product and it wasn’t very much bioavailability or the cvd wasn’t very active so direct to cbd when we are doing the tree right to cbd water formulations.

We at least it’s time to go with islip 99.9 pure cbd, and not only that you use the nano technology to get it more bioavailability to the human body. So with the tvd water that the we have, we also because we have the flavors orange lemon lime. Raspberry, have the carbonation, and then, on top of that we had trace vitamins and minerals enzymes, and then we also add electrolytes back to it and for what’s available out there on the market. Right now in the cbd water marketplace. We really feel that we have one of the best product, if not the best product, for a everyday drink or recovery drink for a consumer wanting to be water, as mentioned, the benefits of cbd bar anti-inflammatory, anti nausea, and we touch down. I was in a previous session, and somebody asked how many, how much dvd do we need and that’s going to depend on use individual. We did that snuggly the recommendation daily 30 mg a day. So that’s why I p right to cbd cds water has 15 mg per.

Can you get two cans of day, you’re right where you need to be so there are some average numbers that can help determine how much cbd you might want to start with, and you know always of course, like always. Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before any change in diet or any adding any supplements, so the safest way to always start with a low dose you know is low, is 223 mg and work yourself up now. You couldn’t do that with our cbd water cuz. We start with 15 and that’s why a lot of people on there enjoying your active cbd, cbd water within 15-20, minutes that you know they noticed that it’s working. If you got a sore back sore muscles that you know it’s already enter the bloodstream, it’s starting to fire off on that endo cannabinoid system and the dirty work. The anti-inflammatory effects are already starting to work until you have a psychiatrist which one can have some people drink to add a sound that some people to drink six a day. So, oh, that being said, it really like it goes back to the original answer. It all depends on the individual couple questions we got to run through here. Can you get high off cbd? No, absolutely not! It’s a naturally non-psychoactive cbd as it’s not natural found in industrial hemp and it’s non-psychoactive, you may feel more relaxed, which no tell me or call me back. Some people cut associate that with the high effect, but that’s still just cuz, you relax doesn’t mean it’s your high. So anyway, can you get high? No, what are cbds good for cbd oil is again the non-psychoactive component of cannabis used to calm and relax the body and mind as I wasn’t yelling like we mentioned I also had some anti-inflammatory properties helps against nausea being used to treat epileptic seizures.

What else I mean there’s a hole. Whole slew of things were using it, for she go back to look and see what cbd water and we’re really hitting three birds with one stone, a or hydrating be we’re getting electrolytes trace vitamins, minerals back into our system and more introducing 15 mg of cbd to the body in tvd water. So not very often can you get the trifecta p right to see beneath water offers? What are the effects of cannabidiol at low levels, 1 to 20 mg levels and then, when they were doing human trials on it, they were going to ty’s 1500 mg a day. So, as you can see, 1 to 20 mg days would be considered a pretty low level again to make you feel relaxed, take the edge off today without making you feel sedated at higher levels. 20 + mg a day, you’ll feel very relaxed and I’ve seen studies test results where people take you more than 100 mg a day or feeling sleepy. Each person responds differently. So again, it’s best to start low and work your way up to a serving size when drinking cbd water. What is the hemp seed oil used for hemp seed oil cold-pressed oil from the hemp seed? Only so you waited if anyone ever noticed that are seen, it looks like milo and it’s growing artichokes shaped flower on it and take seeds off of it through mechanical harvest run those seeds through a cold press. That’s how they get the oil again oils non-psychoactive as well, is it has aaron thc in it, and the old oil and some people use the oil thing, take it under the tongue. That’s one way:it’s just i, don’t know what it was all to me in the way that it is it’s not going to be as bioavailable as cbd water. So as again, this says it’s from the hemp seeds only contains no cannabinoids.

It can be used as a cooking oil, as a matter of fact come over like to an olive oil, vegetable oil and one thing that it’s the oldest contain is the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids sold those be excellent to to use isaiah as a cooking oil. Cbd vape oil and I got about a minute to go here again, another way to take cbd other than cbd water. One positive thing about taking. If you took it cd2 of a visit, you inhaling it in your bypassing the digestive system so going to enter the body quicker. But again it’s the cbd vape. It’s the same as taxes going to calm you if you have some answers. If you have some arthritis and stiff joints sore muscles, it’s going to help you there and can you get high from it? No, no! You can’t it’s just like cbd water I’m out of time on this one, but thanks for listening days, we talked about cbd water