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Hey:what’s up you all, this john kelly from pure, active, cbd and I’m here today to talk to you about our cbd water, the carbonated beverage, the we have to offer three different flavors. We have the orange crush raspberry, russian, lemon-lime rush, lot of that good response, good feedback and all these flavors each can has 15 mg of cbd and it took a while we’re talking about the cbd. Let’s go over just some of the benefits of cbd. As we all know, it’s an anti-inflammatory relieves pain, one of the most common uses of cbds. The anti-inflammatory reduces anxiety, I’ve had a lot of customers, and people tell me that your cna changing and mood and attitude I’m, just more of a calming effect, helps relieve nausea and in some cases, at the treats seizures, neurological disorders and that’s because your our body has its own endocannabinoid system and had to tell him to cbd receptors. And so, when we introduced more cbd we’re just getting that endocannabinoid system the fire off more regularly. That’s why the human body so receptive to cbd or cbd drive from industrial hemp, or even it’s a sister plant. The the marijuana plant and the thc that’s why I there’s that big push for medical marijuana still the push out there, but I think a lot of people are starting to see that they can get the same results without the high from cbd. So that being said, why would questions I got to ask earlier in the week? Was:how long does it take to work and I have the pen doll on the individual course and how it’s how, the cbd is taken eating it or ingesting it is going to take longer to work. Then, if you were too low on saint, david I think the quickest way than in the all the availability of cvd right now baby will probably get it to your system, the quickest and that’s. CBD Water Why need to sit there and drink it or or eat some cbd gummies? We have the shatter. It still has to run its course through the digestive system and that’s why I made the decision to go with the nano technology of the cbd or have it nano processed and then we’re basically taking those particles of the cbd and blast him down the nano-sized, making it more bioavailable vailable the human body six times smaller than than the molecule that we’re running right now, so the next formulation will have the the nanotechnology in it, for instance like right now you are our powder size, toddler particular particle size is about the size of the end of the human hair, and now technology takes it mm the size of the human hair and so we’re just trying to figure out a way to get the cbd in the bloodstream faster and so through that nano processing as soon as it’s ingested or soon as it’s in your mouth. It’s already, you know breaking news blood, but skin very going into the bloodstream. The back to the question:how long does it take to work? Yo I would say 20 minutes to an hour, put it on the element that you are wanting to take cbd for how active you are and, of course, how much to take just told a bottle to a client over lunch, and he took it while he was at work and he has a lot of he’s had lower back surgery. He drank the bottle. I was sitting there and came back about 10-15 minutes later and could already feel a result from it, and then he was about halfway through the bottle, and let me know that that’s always awesome to see something like that happen in the consumer is getting from the product that I always always really enjoy that. So the dancer that question you know, I’d save 15-20 minutes on average up to an hour, is how long it’s going to take to work. What theater, also the recommended dosage of cbd they’re, still studying this a day, does a good a good dose I mean it also depends on how active are help here. The cbd is that’s the other thing you want to to know what you’re putting into your body. Is it nice little? Is it a full spectrum? There’s advantages and disadvantages to both of those were running an isolated 99.9% pure cbd, isolate powder into pure active cbd, it’s a little less active cbd, but it that’s one negative. The other negative is it could have trace amounts of thc and for that reason alone is a reason. I stayed away from the full spectrum until they can figure out, remove just the thc on the full spectrum. There’s no sense in just go ahead and isolating it all the way down to the cvd. The one advantage of the full spectrum is, you know it has the fatty acids amino acids, omega 3 6 is 9. It even has the nine essential amino acids that our body can’t produce has trace minerals and trace vitamins. So what I did was once you know we’re sitting there and we’ve got this flavored beverage. Naturally flavored fruit, beverage, weatherby, the orange crush lemon lime or raspberry rush. All natural sugars I had the option of going in and you know we can do sugar free, but we got to figure out a way sweetness, so it was either use or what the tall, which is the sugar, alcohol or just bite the bite, the bullet. You know we could have used splenda, artificial sweeteners and that those reports were out of the question. So I was really limited to how am I going to make this better ridge sweet and since we’re already using real juice, let’s just go ahead and use the natural juices of the beverage. So we have that beverage sitting right here, basically, a fruit juice, and now we want to add cbd to it so were using the nano particle technology 6 times more bioavailability than regular cbd 15 mg of that in there and then on top of that and I wasn’t happy that I had to give up the trace vitamins and minerals. CBD Water

So we added your basic electrolytes back into it, your magnesium, potassium, sodium and we’ll, probably by the time it’s all said and done all that a vitamin complex to it. My goal when making this beverages I wanted an everyday drink, but also wanted it to be for recovery, drink for athletes, l or active people. Active lifestyle send cbd, helps with information. So well that’s one of the things it helps with the course so favorite touchdown then anti-inflammatory enough. You kind of got to the bottom of nowhere. I built this beverage. How I built this beverage? You know p right to cbd water supply store shelves were getting ready to go into stores in the pier active cbd water. I, see you put this february 14th happy, valentine’s, day, but march middle of march. We should be on store shelves and then full launch mid-to-late summer, so be sure to be on the lookout for your pure, active cbd in cbd, water CBD Water