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Hello, this is john calipari active cbd on april 11th 2018. We are here today to discuss the told you I would have the ingredients pulled up for pure active cbd I’m just going to the computer here now, that’s finally updated-and here we go all right-wants to be slow, I thinking it was me just one. Second here I thought it was going to run a little quicker than this okay. Here we go. Okay, we need to load again. Mike cities will be the ingredients of either the raspberry or see which flavor this is of the cbd water. Oh, this is just a sparkling water. Pretty simple, I miss one here, there’s just 5 milligrams of sodium and 15 milligrams of cbd, it dumb some calcium, of course, 4%, and we use the calcium also as a surfactant to get that cbd tube tube onto is, which helps stay suspended. His raspberry rush 35 calories.

This is per 12 ounce, serving by the way, I have a 35 calories, saturated fat, trans fat courses, 0 0 cholesterol and sodium 10mg, 9 grams of carbs 8 grams of sugars. On this one and vitamin c calcium, potassium magnesium go fiber in it 25 milligrams of fiber 300 g of that’s not right. That’s how some of her less than 2400 mg of sodium less than 300 mg of cholesterol, no less than 20 grams of trans fat;7, sorry, saturated fat, less than 65 grams. Oh that’s on the 2000 calorie based on a 2000 calorie diet. That’s what he needs! So sorry they got this nutrition panel. It doesn’t look exactly like the ones you and I would see on a on a cancer start. This section here, like i, said that saturated fat, trans fat, total fat, 0 cholesterol, zero, sodium 10mg, total carbs, 9, no fiber, 8 grams of sugar in a 12 oz can of raspberry rush, like i, said it’s all natural and that cbd water there now I need to find the nutrition panel for lime, lush and raspberry rush.

So I’m going to my mail here, that’s a pretty easy to find. That’s me just one second and I will put it in mediums. Teen got you raspberry, rush and original see here. Man should have just pulled up and I apologize, also don’t forget to go to the website. Just looking through this as well. I got the video on there dr., edwards and telling us that you know what is cbd or cannabidiol salsa on youtube. If you need that panda be very helpful to some of you as one of the new hair doctors take on it back to the nutrition panel, pure active cbd for the orange crush, like i, might have to change that name. Cuz I guess:they’re all worried that orange rush, sorry that it’s too close to orange, crush i, guess if I already did it right, then mom and fitz top of mine for me if having to change it but anyways on the orange rush on a 12 oz, bottle, 35 calories, again:0 fat, 0, saturated fat, zero trans fats to cholesterol, zero, sodium total carbohydrates is 9, g, no dietary, fiber and 8 grams of sugar as well on that vitamin c 15%, and course, then we’ve got the potassium and potassium I got to mention the calcium and magnesium. Those are the basic electrolytes and then on a lemon lime, lush calories. This is the one that has the highest amount of calories, 45 calories per totalscan, again, no fat, no cholesterol, no sodium total carbohydrates. For some reason, this one also has a little higher is 11 g in try to get that 10 or less, and you know I can it’s just I got to get up the flavor of it and I think the lemon lime is spot-on, 8 grams of sugars as well. Not one and I had a little stevia in it on that cbd water.

So, as you can see, you know it’s trying to figure out the best way to describe it. It’s not like aloe, croix or american. Clearly, american carbonated water. These are loaded with more flavor, it’s sweeter, but it’s not. It doesn’t taste. Let me know it’s not as sweet as a happy, meal, coke or pepsi butt i, don’t want something. It’s loaded with sugar and a c c b d. Water I want something. That’s you all are sugars, mostly come from a fruit juice that we put in a natural fruit juice and to get just a little sweeter way. I add stevia to the lemon lime and I’ll make sentence with the most acidic one out there or the most bitter, when I guess I should say so. If I was to throw a dart at the wall and gas, when the stuff will hit the market, you know mainstream. Now this isn’t just getting small run made which were going to do next month. So we will have some out to get to the masses to get the people that ordered it. Online I’ll get all those people taking care of, but as far as getting in the quiktrip getting into oncue asap energy. Those stores we’re looking at third quarter this year and the reason it’s not because we don’t have it cold, packed it’s because that’s when they’re doing their story sets and so quick trip. Does their story set in the fall on cute as a story set in the fall and so basically we’re just going to have to sit and wait. Wait till he stores are ready, casey’s general store, another one, that’s in the fall so who we are april, so probably looking yeah I’d, say:august september. But, the beverage right man rush it out until believe me I’ve come to brakes on it a couple times getting it set just right, so trying to think and what we’ve had our setbacks with cbd water on the on the co-packing.

What else you know I had to look back and then look at the look at the little wins every week in orange and forward and that’s hard. Sometimes when you have a bigger setback, such as losing a co-packer lost them they’re, just going through the restructuring process. So anyways, that’s what we got going on about a time on this one and we’ll regroup with the how cbd works with the human body next