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I was john, kelly and I’m here today to talk to you about pure, active cbds, cbd water offered in 3 lightly carbonated lightly, flavored beverages and coming soon, one unflavored, uncarbonated water, sorry went blank there just for a second cbd water helps with cock chronic pain, anxiety, depression, autism, diabetes, epilepsy and it’s even shown to have properties of anti-tumor growth. Cbd water boost our bodies. Endocannabinoid system, which is our natural balance in our body, maintains the healthy regulates, healthy, stay, healthy and regulates feelings. Guess that’s the best way to put it because cbd is organic and therefore completely natural product. It interacts with our bodies neuroreceptors. In the same way, our own endocannabinoids do, and the endocannabinoid system is the largest receptive system in the human body. So with that being said, that’s your. Why would be beneficial to drink, cbd, water? Of course it’s not going to target any specific condition in your body. Will it be physical, medical, mental? It’s it’s! It’s not like a is. It doesn’t work like a regular medicine would in that effect, but it does support and boost the healthy balance in the endocannabinoid system, so muppet to cure itself to the endocannabinoid system. If you were to drink cbd water you’re going to get those receptors firing and then you’re going to add more cannabinoids to it and they’re going to interact and that’s why people well it’s the steak they can I would have lines that are in marijuana and the thc. That’s why people respond so well to the medical benefits of marijuana thc, because the thc as well as cycle active cbd, is non-psychoactive and both plants, marijuana and industrial hemp share those two properties that marijuana is a high thc content and cbd and aloe cbd content versus your industrial ham has a very high fever, bd content and aloe thc content i-20 with directive cbd and their cbd water dosing. You know i, think there’s some people that you recommend recommendation recommended consumption to cvd is 15 to 20 mg, daily I’ve, seen as high as 50 just going to assist, depending on to any individual situation, of course. So when you’re taking cbd water, you can’t experiment yourself with it. Don’t need one bottle. Do I need to maybe I need three. You can’t overdose on it, you’re not going to get high from it. So when I did the cbd flavor, the carbonation in the can simply flavors and natural sweeteners, I wasn’t worried about it being clear. Like the bottled water, that’s only has 10 mg of cbd in it that cbd water there he can beverage the lightly carbonated. Excuse me:violetta carbonated lightly flavored natural flavors. It has 25 mg /, 12 oz, so some people might drink two or three bottles a day without having any measured. Some people, drinking and I can tell the difference in a couple minutes, so we will drink it and don’t feel anything and that’s just i, don’t know how to describe it everyone’s different. We know this going in and we’re not telling think low. We have a third party lab potency test done. So that’s just some of the benefits of taking tv water. How is it made at the proprietary blend and it’s just a process? We take pure cbd infused with water and do that process. So it’s completely dissolved and stay suspended. We do break it down in the nanoparticles and we have to use some too packed in such as like a pass in for the cbd dab on to you and carrie and stay infused. Do you do you know, since we did nana infuse the cbd water, more bioavailable absorbed by our body better, and that that’s what bioavailability means and the effects are there for improved i? Could you were just take cbd oil under the tongue? It’s not his vial of available at the cbd water that, for example, you know if you are like baking with cbd powder you’re, going to lose a lot of its content, because cbd loses its potency in heat and we don’t hot feel are speaking of heat wheel, outfielder line and that so the with that being said-and we are seated days-potent welcome any competitor to go out there and order a lab analysis on it. I, am., if, i, don’t want to get tested and I’ll just put it to you. This way, you’re going to find out that you’re, active cbd over delivers and that’s why you’re, active cbd is quickly gain market share with the cbd water, and things are looking very good for pure active cbd the try and do a but see what else we talked about yeah you’re selling dvd. Is this just a health hike? You know, that’s a good question is cbd water, a health hike i, don’t think so we all need to drink water, and if this gets someone, that’s not drinking water to drink water. That’s one way in right there for me and if the cbd infused water help somebody with an element such as anxiety, depression, that’s another one for me and who is one person to say that it doesn’t work at all verses. When someone else says it works. If you don’t mixed reviews, results, I know that going into is it going to work, for everyone know, is going to work the same way for everyone know not everyone taking cbd water going to have the same outcome. So that means said you know it’s a lot to say, though the water just didn’t work for you didn’t get it affect. You know you could go back, try the cbd oil. You can vape. It is by far the quickest way to get to cbd into your bloodstream. Cuz vaping. You know your bypass in digestive system and that’s why I drink water I got to go ingest it that’s why we made it.

Nanoparticle use the nano technology, so it would be faster absorb into the bloodstream as soon as it touches your mouth. We’re already starting to absorb into the bloodstream baby got skin care of it. I already went off on a skincare rant the other days or earlier today, so cbd water is available. Three flavors orange crush wine lush raspberry rush, and we welcome you to go to the website. It’s tbd.Com read the reviews. Watch the watch, the doctor testimony testimonials. Look at the client, testimonials customer. Testimonial! Don’t take our word for it. Do yourself a favor go onto active cbd.Com. Do the no-brainer offer try? Your first can carbonated lightly flavored for just a dollar or currently out of stock, but we should have some see what is today the 31st january have some by the end of next week. So that being said, like I said, go to practice, dvd.Com try. First beverage for a dollar leave us a review email to cbd.Com. If you have any questions and be happy to hear from you, try your first try to see believe water at practice. Tbd.Com direct to cbd offers cbd water