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Hi, this is john kelly., have cbd, and we are here today discussing the cbd infused water mom. Finally corrected cbds cbd water with terpenes. What is the terpene terrapene is the well terpenes are the aroma compound are found in industrial hemp? That’s what gives it the the cannabis smell and we use it. When we use up here isolette we stripped everything away. The thc the amino acids. Omega-6 is in 3. We have removed all trace amount that everything other than cbd still a great product, but research has shown that when you leave the terpenes in the cbd together, they work better together, they respond better together, they blend better with the cb1 cb2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. So that’s why we are out here today to try to produce and we will make the best cbd water so having the extracted terpenes from the original plant source would give me not only my own blend and flavor profile to be infused, backed into the cbd isolate the combinations of the terpenes in the cbd will have an incredible union that provide that would provide an incredible flavor profile. Any unique I want to use the word entourage effect, I’m, just I’m over that i. Don’t like advertising it don’t like even saying it so I’m going to Say:i’ll have a unique psychological effect, still not psychoactive, but this cbd water will. My time is all said and done it’s going to break the blood-brain barrier better than any other cbd infused beverage other than vape there’s no way noel water beverage. Anything that has to go to the digestive tract is going to be vape. You are bypassing the deadliest did jeff to track and it is going right into the bloodstream after it’s inhaled. So there’s a lot of people out there I mean let’s face it better to duke’s flutes. So back to the cbd water, it is going to outshine any edible product, any other cbd beverage, any cbd, gummy i, don’t even if it’s pure cbd oil, which there’s no such thing I mean there is, but they just not available on the market, because no one’s going to pay that and plus they wouldn’t need that high of a concentration is cbd oil. But with that being said, we’re going to the best buy on availability. Where are the best flavor natural flavor? Let it be orange, crush lemon lush, raspberry rush in the cbd water, we’re going to confuse the terpenes back in it to get on mega three sixes and amino acids in the 9th at the human body can’t make on its own, who got the electrolytes going back into the cbd water. Potassium magnesium, calcium, chews me fighting a little bit of a sore throat today. So what that being said, and by the cough drop back to the cbd water, that’s where we are! That’s why it’s taking so long to get this product to market a certain way, I want it to be done right, I might be able to over obsessive with it the by god when it launches it’s going to be right and it’s going to have to terpenes in it, and people are going to order beans. Beans, like i, said the people going to like when people don’t respond to. You know you got to have taste smell texture of the beverage amazing to be a thick beverage and then beverage water-based oil days and how blended is it going to be I know all these answers I’m not going to get them all the way, but the cbd water will be in the eyes of jordy of people using it in the staff, is blending up and make it up to go to the bathroom best of the best and perfect until we can make it better, I will continue to make it better. Every year, I mean this, isn’t a coca-cola or pepsi, or we have this secret recipe that we’re going to use for the rest of our lives by the sea. Water is going to evolve, is tbd involves so anyways I think I’m touching up on terpenes today, but in case he needs to know. Terpenes, like i, said, give off the aroma and flavor and color of plants get dirty again compound found in a variety of plant, i, don’t care if it’s lavender or industrial him there during every plan. It’s not just cbd, like i, said the other day. They contribute to the flavor, sent and color. The substance are the building blocks of the essential oil industry and plant resins and are often used in food. Having attitude you don’t like vanilla extract, how do you think they get it out? Supercritical co2 extraction, supercritical co2 extractions been around for years, used in the essential oil industry, the perfume industry, the aromatherapy industry, so just take it and use supercritical co2 extraction to extract the cbd oil from destrehan to put into cbd water. You know we’re not recreating the wheel or just using a process, it’s already proven and just blend in the cbd water. Excuse me, cinnamon basil, mint, lavender rosemary have a strong terpene profile. What’s that one that I hate seed taste like black licorice fennel seed anyway? This is why the those plants have a high terpene profile. That’s why they referred to. As an ironic plant cannabis as it intern, contains a wide range of terpenes, as I mentioned, was over 200 of them that are thought to interact with some synergy with the cannabinoids in the plant. That’s why I want them back in there to enhance the health effects or benefits and I haven’t said it in this session, but try to cbds cbd water is not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease. Logical. No that vitamin a is a terpene and we don’t think of it. This way it is try the other terpene found.

You got the benicar benicar for lean. That’s not right baby car for less than mean I’m, getting close enough anyways for an examples. The terpene and a cannabis plant is known to activate the cb2 cb2 receptor in the endocannabinoid system as an anti-inflammatory effect. That’s why cbd does such a wide range that people think it’s like a superfood power, super supplement! It’s because it’s getting our brain to fire off on the cb1 cb2 receptors, and if somebody has some information, that’s how it works, and it’s not just that it’s non-psychoactive and there is an fda approved dietary cannabinoid. I, can’t remember the name on top my head right now, but will be back in just a little bit to talk more about the benefits of cbd water