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Hi this is john kelly., active cbd, and we are here today talking about the terpenes that we put in our cbd water people ask what a turkey terpenes are the last day they had that date that they give off the aroma and smell the oils in industrial ham, medical cannabis, medical marijuana, there’s only a few that we smell, but there’s you know or I guess when one of our five senses respond to him you’re only getting a few of them. There’s over 200 terpenes have been found in cannabis. Would that be industrial, hemp or medical marijuana and among them, what’s the characterized by the number of repeating units of a five carbon molecule called and ice cream? The structure hallmark of all terpene compounds, butter beans and marijuana, given the plant and enduring evolutionary advantage pungent boils repeal and sex and animal grazers others prevent fungus very interesting terpenes. Is it turns out that healthy for people, as well as plants i, can google this and do they know they’ll? Be some mark. My words, though the essential oil company war have a hemp-based essential oil by the end of 2018. They probably already have it, but the reason that I want to put the terpenes into the cbd water is because, when you mix the terpenes with the cbd, they work better together, there’s no way that I can take and fully load. The terpenes would cost way too much number one number two, and if I can take a stray and likes a cherry wine, him and I know it has real high strain thc not to accept my apology. Cbd cbd strand grow it dry. It extracted all the sudden I’ve had this high volume, a cvd hemp oil. Now it still has trace amounts of thc in it. Thunder 3/10 of 1% by 3/10 of 1% is still too much to have in cbd water when you’re advertising zero thc. So when I extract the thc I’m losing other terpenes with it. I, don’t want to lose so to another extraction process. We were fine and even more remove just the thc leave the terpene and we can do an 85/15 blend 85%, isolate cbd, 50% terpenes and that product alone is going to work better. Breaking the blood-brain barrier number one number to it’s going to get our cb1 cb2 receptors and endocannabinoid system, the fire off better when drinking cbd water number three you’re going to get a better bioavailability in this product. After it’s your find in the cbd water for or getting the omega-6 is omega-3 and the and the amino acids that are body can’t produce on its own. So right, there I can take some products that were already having to put back to make up for the difference. I’ve already extracted, take them back out, don’t put them in just use the cbd water that blended, but the terpenes back in it adds more potassium calcium and it was a basic electrolytes and at the end of the day, the cbd water potential has nine ingredients how to mall on the back of the cam, and we still have a one-year shelf life and of separation with only company out there doing it and there’s just more slow-growing it dvd water, but we’re getting a lot of attention and, as I mentioned before, a small company bodies co-packers in the can, you know they want a hundred. Fifty thousand can minimum order. Well that probably fine, but that’s perfect, you so we’re looking at neil, 3, 450000 cans and then I got to warehouse in and it takes a lot of space. So that’s why we’re saying will be cbd water, be on shelves or available at the end of first quarter. You said we’re not it’s not like we’re pumping the brakes or stalling we’re going to make this right. It’s going to be right when it comes out the orange and lemon lime flavor spot on now. Raspberry in my opinion, needs just a little work, but where you get in there, so that’s where we’re at with cbd water. Try to find some articles, or my talking point to wente articles, i, just kind of went through and bookmarked a lot of lot of different ones. Somebody asked me explain why people feel different highs even from the same harvest and i. Don’t know why they would use the word high. Interesting I can answer that question regardless of well i. Believe they’re, referring to marijuana. I, have had two people say that, and these are former marijuana users when they drink the cbd water there they get some of the highlight feelings. There’s no proof to this I couldn’t prove it may be a medical page could but the high thc concentration in cbd you’re, going to get a high feeling, and that’s the only reason I could think why they are the feeling that these are the two compounds in a cannabis plant. Of course, the two major ones are thc and cbd like I said i, don’t know how to answer that and and cover my ass at the same time. But I can tell you this that cbd water will not get you high if 0 thc in it. So I’ll have to revert back to that question. The things I have the best way to answer that moving right along. Why did it bugging me so I’m going to answer the only reason that they could feel different highs or different feelings is because of the amounts of the terpenes that are secreted from the plant in the kinds of terpenes can differ from plant to plant even strain the strain of hemp, in this case, the cbd and thc cannabinoids, are typically similar. So there would be little difference in the amount of the cap cannabinoids among the same strain, I hope that makes sense.

So I’ll just put it to you. This way, let’s say that we were going to go to extract cbd plan for plant marijuana for marijuana. The thc levels will vary, but the person that’s how a person can I get different feelings from it and it all all depends on the individual as well. So with that being said, even with the cbd water, some people are going to feel differently. No person a person b they drink a day. They drink, prince and societies. Have one can each person’s going to describe feeling a little different because it reacts to our own endo cannabinoid system differently? Does that make sense? Someone might have a high-energy, somebody might have more of a clear thought process, but there’s not going to be any out of body, experience or psychoactive mindset when I drink, city, water I get to call me that fact