CBD Water | Feel Refreshed

Okay, this is john kelly., to cbd. We are here to talk about cbd, water and so where to get started, are cbd water derived from that I’m headed this way to deliver it? It’s not the attempt well from the plant. It’s not the hemp seed oil, so high cbd concentrate concentrate the reason it’s becoming so popular recent years is because the 2014 farm bill open the door on being able to cultivate and some state industrial hemp and threw that we started extracting the cbd from industrial hemp and enable infuse it, and several products like are cbd. Water also had a marijuana in my opinion, and so is the thc said she’s with get you high. So that’s probably where a lot of push-backs coming from legalization standpoint, everyone’s thing and we’re all just going to go out and get high and fake and have a good time. I, don’t see that happening? That being said, you have cbd is actually, in my opinion, is in marijuana that you know the benefit of the marijuana. Of course, the thc, with the cycle active high, does help with pain management. It’s no different than like. You were to drink alcohol if you drink enough of that. Junior stop feeling the pain so with the cbd water that we have, you can get 25 milligrams per can and you get you no pick. A good dose start with I couldn’t put $50 grams in a can, I mean I could but I still want the price point of which we were trying to stay under, and the retail margins for the distributor in the end-user. Time. They would get done with it. It over I’d, say six $7 a can, maybe not quite that much but anyways I’m going to see the water that we have and what’s retailing it to 99 cheaper than a monster energy drink is cheaper in a red bull too for them gatorade come cases we don’t have near the sugar content like those three that is mentioned. Water is not an energy drink. So that being said, it’s in I’m trying to I’m trying to limit myself to be a cbd drink or not to drink. I want to be with you tonight, I don’t want to drink. All your energy drinks are loaded with sugar considered energy. So you like to see me water lightly, flavored lightly. Carbonated I am the 25 mg of cbd per dose. Just one of the ways you can take cbd on the course there’s tinctures out there or topicals lotions. You should have to break the skin barrier so off topic here, just for a second, if you’re, getting like a cbd cream or pink topical ointment for use for arthritis or aches and pains need to make sure that it has an additive, and it is going to loud, the tvd to break the skin barrier, otherwise, you’re just rubbing cbd oil and understanding more likely to cbd oil attendant, be a hemp, oil or coconut oil. That’s not going to working playing the skin very well now, lot of them, massage creams that I’ve noticed you’re using menthol and I’m saying is like icy hot and they think the tv is working, but that’s the menthol working I mean 90 bucks or jar cbd, massage cream and in no way shape or form in the cbd getting absorbed into the skin. You might as well just go, buy some icy hot or just you know, if you don’t like the menthol in it,, I just need to take a lotion and rub it into your skin and you get more benefit than what this out of these over the counter. Cbd massage me now, I have some massage pains. I have made some massage creams that work, but we’re not ready to walk at those yet and we’re still going through testing. So that’s my little rant of the day, but back to cbd water, apologize I got off topic there. Water trying to think we are cbd comes from the strain cherry wine locations of them just passed legislature to be able to grow it and the 2018 going to them so shipping to be a lot less able to cut some costs there, but that cbd water that that’s the cbd strain that we use. Why does cbd have so many potential therapeutic benefit, total loaded question, so to speak every you know why I said that several times you know everybody’s different, but the reception system or receptive system in the brain that ucs system endocannabinoid system communicates using neurotransmitters and actually makes its own cbd receptors and show it to see what he water out of your ear and ingesting $50, and that’s why people feel really good when they take it. What sound do the one that I’ve been around my wife took it after she tore achilles tendon first day back at the gym. She asked you if you mind if I take one of these does not redhead only had it a water prior to that just sitting in the house have one bottle, but her first day back in the gym. That was when I was just getting bad, just building tractor cd and cd water and came back from the gym after that workout and just talk right. She wasn’t sore a good mood and she chalked it up to drinking cbd water and that still has to do with the receptive receptor systems in the brain and you’re all those receptor systems requiring off on the dvd that she ingested from the cbd water, cbd and serotonin system cbd does have a ability to target specific serotonin, receptor, specific serotonin receptor. That has to be on antidepressant, trying to think how to describe this. Let me know when you take off the serotonin receptors and let me know, help with depression, anxiety and so I need to google.

That look like I cannot remember that accept her serotonin receptor. This is right. Here is associated with a remarkable range in therapeutic possibilities. So can you take cbd water? That’s why people you take it for anxiety and depression. Figured you said anti-anxiety to just from taking cbd water and then with the anti-inflammatory. It say to thomas recovery, drink after work you out, or you can take it just from everyday to get the benefits of cbd and cbda water