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Hi this is john kelly and we’re here today to talk about the benefits of pure active cbd. The co-founder life is the other one in this business and our business is pure, active cbd and we have pure active cbd water because you don’t know it’s a lightly carbonated. Naturally flavored carbonated water, cbd water. We have 15 mg of cbd, three flavors lemon lime, lush raspberry rush and orange crushand. As I said, they are lightly carbonated lightly flavored, with 15 mg of cbd, and today we’ve only been talking about terpenes and i. Roll terpenes are what gives off the aroma scent of a any flower or plant until we eat. We’ve tried our final score:malaysian, with using an 85/15 blend of 85% cbd, isolate 15% terpene in the cbd water and we’re having great results. Think we’re going to have it nailed down. What is today the 21st day of should be done by the end of the week or end of the month and we’re on track to be on store shelves in the first quarter, 2018 or first part of the second quarter 2018, but back to the terpenes. Vitamin a is also a terpene and that’s one of the reasons I want to put it back in cvd water, although we don’t generally think of it. This way they produce large amounts of these compounds in most plant produce higher quantities of terpenes in the warmer season. So that makes sense enough to plant being flowers grow in the springtime summertime. You got the bees out, there pollinating them and the plants going through its different growth stage. Then let me like the smells. Any of them is at 2:13. Each of the different cannabis strains would have been industrial hamper. Marijuana contains its own terpenes in some of the more abundant and different flavors and aroma in the cannabis plants, and their family means it’s not just.

Those who are also found in sage and rosemary is known to act as a natural. What I’m looking for natural love I can’t be able to come to a head, and it would help somebody focus better. I’ll figure the word in a couple minutes, but then that’s what helps increase the mental energy that can have an effect, as even as a topical ointment. To put this in the cbd water and it’s similar to make vicks vapor rub, you know there’s there’s nothing in vicks vapor rub. That is transdermal, that you read that on your chest to your neck and your sitting here, smelling that when you’re laying in bed that vapor rub the terpenes out of that is with clearing up your sinuses. So that’s in there there’s benefits to trying to get these terpenes back into the the the only the attitude that were put in our cbd water, but getting the blend I think that’s, probably if I was doing a clear bottle with dvd of water and you’re like a 20-ounce bottle and I had this beverage no trying to do the water non-flavored it be very cloudy, with the amount of cbd and terpenes that I am I want to put in it to make it beneficial to human body is no sense in putting like 5 or 10 mg of cbd. When there’s test out there that say that we need 30 a day to start with. So you know I’m already at 15. I

Think it’s time goes on with the cbd water will be able to up the dosage neil. Maybe I’ll do 15 or now do 18 than you 20, but the wife are enlarged, put the cds the highest ingredient going into the city. Water appear active cbd. So with that being said, you know we’re going to keep going on and trying to improve our product, but the I just kind of let’s get back. On the other hand, side to meet. Everyone understand that we are getting all our cbd from industrial hemp at pure, active cbd for the cbd water and unlike marijuana, him does not have a strong flavor, and it’s not referred to as an aroma plant doesn’t give off of i. Have the weed smell so to speak there for the terpene profile of the hamptons a bit less than that of that marijuana. But the plant still contain such compounds that I want back into the cbd water, and none of them are psychoactive, and you just reiterate that that’s why we’re extracting everything from industrial, hemp, non-psychoactive terpenes in the ham haven’t even just the terpenes, have an anti-inflammatory antibacterial antiviral properties. We know that cbd is anti anti tumor, and is this the anti-inflammatory side of it alone, I mean if you feel like myself, high lower back pain, sometimes hands wrists bottom after working in the shop turning wrenches on something all day. Let’s face it, you know we’re not all teenagers anymore.

So what are we get? The more things hurt and I got tired of taking opioids over the counter medication. All the time I was getting to the point of taking like 8 ibuprofen. Today and next thing. You know you got a stomach issue and I need to take this pill. So you know cbd water, computer, active cbd. If, if I can help and I’ve already done it, one person alleviate some lower back pain and in in put them in a better mood. I’m already winning and I know, I still have a ton to learn on industrial hemp and how all the ins and outs of cvd I knew enough to make things work in in the formulation side of things, and so that being said, that’s where we are today with the cbd water. We got the lemon lime lush, with the grape flavor I made it to me. It’s like it’s more of a lemon orange is my favorite, a toss-up between that and lemon lime, but never to the point now we’re just playing enough carbonation amount.

If you’re someone like me that used to drink a ton of us coke like i, say every flavors of coke I don’t care if it’s dr., pepper, pepsi or coke, but you know how to go from that and then went down to strengthen the lacroix and other carbonated waters to get off of that. The seller didn’t and been doing great I like carbonation I’m, not selling it all set and just drink a bottle of water in the summer. All crave it. But you know I’d, better, go get a lemon lime flavor supposed to you that way, and that’s why the dvd water, with an anti-inflammatory properties and all the benefits other benefits of cbd. On top of now we’re adding the terpenes back in they’re. Just give me nothing like it on the market, I’m just going to say and I hope you can tell from my voice and I’m excited about it. I’ll be happy to answer any more questions. I usually come in here with a list every day or every week to go through learning every week about the against one of the inca ruins time and I hope they don’t find this beneficial, and thanks for listening and your active cbd water again will be on store shelves in first quarter 2018 or the start of 2nd quarter. 2018 thanks, bye