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Eyeless john kelly corrective cbd, cbd water practice, dvd offers three flavors directive:cbd water, orange, crush, lime, lush, asbury, rush and silent like there for the second we’re just here to offer or tell you what offerings are we have 25 mg and the lightly flavored lightly carbonated cbd water and 10 mg of cbd in the 16.9 oz bottle no flavor, no carbonation. What makes cbd water unique versus other ways of taking cbd. Quite simply put it’s the nanotechnology that we are able to break the cbd oil down and infused it in the water, help it stay suspended and do that nanotechnology. We are able to offer better bioavailability to the human body and absorption of the cbd outside of vaping. It’s probably the best way or the best absorption into the human body vaping in your bypassing the digestive system. So the cbd water, one benefit of water, i, guess I should say the cbd water still has to go through the digestive system. Without allies can digest about being sad. A lot about users are seeing the effects of cbd water within the first 5 minutes and a lot of other users i. Actually use it at the local gym cuz, that’s where I’m kind of fridge and I’m filling up. They are getting better pr’s workout results and let’s soreness quicker recovery time and bill get back in the gym quicker by drinking the cbd water equals tvd. Water offers anti-inflammatory characteristics. So if it’s a natural pain, reliever anti-inflammatory, so they’re sore muscles recover quicker. That being said, that’s one of the benefits of taking cbd water also, either you got anti depression and anxiety. Just trying to think you know that I’m not here to make any claims it. How great cbd is everyone needs to do their own study of the fda account they. They won’t allow us to make any claims because they haven’t done efda studies and I’m. Quite frankly, I don’t want the fda involved in any of the cbd products, so we can’t make claims to dvd what cbd can do or may do for anyone but I’m just here to to pass along the information the numerous customers using cbd products. They use it for number of elements in diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, migraines and so much more I design that beverage zinus berry to be a functional beverage recovery, beverage, barn, everyday beverage, cbd water. That is not going to help everyone with their condition, so I didn’t design it to just like the label, says it’s not designed to cure prevent, treat any disease. So that being said, that’s kind of my cya, if you need further advice, feel free to talk to show your your medical practitioner doctor get more information on this. How much should you take? Well again, there’s there’s not a steady on that. You can start with 25 mg a day and go up from there and see. You know tell the first we’re four days ago and go from there