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Hello, this is john. Kelly was pure, active, cbd and I’m here today to talk to you about cbd water corrective cbd has three carbonated water flavors right now one is orange crush lime lush, the other and latches raspberry rush, all three or lightly carburetor carbonated. All three contain cbd, extract from hemp and are all 50 state legal are some of the first offerings from pure. Active cbd start off with a lot of people might be wondering what is cbd cbd stand for cannabidiol and that’s abbreviation cbd, and it’s so 100 hundred fifteen active cannabinoids and then a5 and cannabis. Where that be a marijuana plant industrial hemp plant, it’s major best way to describe it. To cvd was founded just with the idea of taking cbd and confusing that into water to come up with tv water, depending on the quality of the him. The accounts for 40% of the plant extract cbd. Does people ask what’s the difference between cbd thc or? What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? Difference between cbd is and thc thc is the psychoactive property of marijuana that sells hookah to the high cbd does not produce a high its non-psychoactive. It’s not going to let you test positive on a drug test, and that is why cbd is now 50 state legal if it has less than three tenths of 1% all pure, active, cbd and cbda water from forgot to see that he does not have any thc in it at all. Just want to reiterate that that being said, how do we get started with our cbd water? Close friend had some cbd powder mixed it in with water and simply tasted good and dissolved well, and just do it another way of taking cbd I didn’t really like the taking the tvd oil tincture, certainly wasn’t interested in vaping it so, but you know I didn’t mind at all:tainan water blending it and I thought you know we can make this better to tvd water could make it better by adding some flavor and then messed around with the soda machine, the house and had a bottle of uncarbonated water through some carbonation in it, and it’s actually tasted better and then once we added the name of the orange flavor of the raspberry lemon-lime, you couldn’t take that anymore, but as of right now, if you’re active, cbd cbd water offerings are, as I mentioned, lemon lime orange crush raspberry rush, my favorites, the orange one. That being said, those are some of the products that the cbd water are some of the waters. If you’re active cbd offers right now, we will have some more flavors in the in the future, but that’s our initial launch and I things are going great. Getting a lot of interest and exposure and which is great and things are better, taking off quite well. People ask out:what’s what are the benefits of drinking cbd water just like with any cbd? It doesn’t matter? If you drink it, vape it doing all the tincture mad I mean i, guess I could see you the topical relief cream, but some of the benefits of it alright anti-inflammatory. What are the properties that are the tv offers, its use it for an addiction treatment and opioid abuse I’ve been proven to help with epilepsy president used it for crohn’s? What’s crohn’s disease I have some runners that they’re using it post running and then during running training for marathons, and they said it helps with recovery agent recovery time and and helps as of running I’ve. Had some people that have short in there and run marathons which that’s beyond me, I mean it can’t imagine running full marathon and just sounds like a lot of work but anyways they they use the pure active cbd water, well, they’re running their shaving times off their marathon performances. Trying to think what else do you know if there’s just so many uses for it and people ask was what would be the disadvantage of side effects. Be honest to you, I haven’t noticed any I guess if you took a lot of oil glut cbd oil, you can certainly you. If you take enough of it I guess you can have the diarrhea but dumb, where am I making sleepy. But that being said, you know that everybody’s going to need a different amount of cbd, no doses the right for everyone. Some of us might have more problems, more physical elements and others seem so I would recommend just starting with 25 mg a day and adjust from there, but obviously directed cbd water. The reason number one way to get into your system. Of course you got to break the blood blood-brain barrier and vaping gets the cbd in your system gives your your bypassing you know your digestive tract, so they being probably the number one. Unless you want to get injection of it and I can’t imagine you would want to do that, but I guess there’s probably people out there. That would want to digestive tract, of course, with cbd water you’re going to have to ingest it, but we use nanoparticle formulation and do our process of blending the cbd water and we bring those particles down or small, and it makes it more bioavailable to the human body soul and soon as I hit your mouth or ignoring it and the non carbureted carbonated line has a higher ph. Then the carbonated line and reason I did that i, don’t flavored natural water with cbd if I match the ph of the human body. Of course, you’re going to get faster absorption rates couldn’t get the same ph with the flavors and there’s just no on your adding natural flavors, of course, and changing the ph of them have a drink, and that’s why you live in line as a higher ph than just a natural cbd water offered.

By. So, as I mentioned any of the easiest way to go. If you wanted to get cbd in your system, backup, secondly, would be the adjusted some people take a oil and put it underneath. The town some people, drink water, but just taking me like i, said easiest most available to everyone needs water, anyways, so., active, cbd, water, cbd, infused water. That is, is just one of several ways. Someone can take dvd