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Hi, this is john kelly, pure active cbd, and we’re here to talk to you today about pure active cbd water in tvd from it is all grown in the us, and it is from european strains of him that have been cloned to have a higher cbd content. Oh I’m, sorry I skipped a question now:nationwide cbd water, water, nationwide, 50-state, legal till there’s, a lot of them misconception, misinform people and the deal with the dea going around the same cds illegals causing some issues, but because our extracts are from him instead of marijuana, we can do. We can chat. Nationwide is no medical card, no marijuana card. Well, as right now we are able to ship and 50 state legal, so just trying to think what else to say about the cbd water. What about the extraction where we get our cd from the lady from industrial hemp plants grown in the us? What kind of testing do we do on our products? We do a third party test, new quality control with your third party test to test for potency. Excuse me and we also have third-party tested to analyze. The hemp extract and I think I already mentioned the the potency test for heavy metals in in the a.M. Vinyl beverage test test for heavy metals bacteria in my kohler life and it’s basically a typical water test that tells us we times a day and, as I said, that our help comes with. Not only do we get a lab analysis from our supplier, I also personally send that off the sample off to have a third-party tested for the posey before it goes into the cbd water. Okay, I talked about earlier today, and it’s a video about this on our website. I could see bd.Com. What is the endocannabinoid system ecs the endocannabinoid system, as a group receptors for lack of better term located in our brain, and it’s actually the largest receptive system in the human body. I didn’t know that till last week and how do you say it’s in the brain and consistent nervous system, lipids and receptors excuse me are two main types of receptors. You got cb-1 cbd, cb1, cb2 and I always get that confusing. What that d at the end, but that’s how are brain, responds differently to thc. So can you drink city, water, you’re, fired off the cbd receptors and I said that these receptors are in the central nervous system, the brain and cbd cb2 receptors, that’s in the nervous system and the two main cannabinoids produce their own tvs receptors. That’s how it’s why people get such an effect from smoking, marijuana or taking cbd. That’s cuz, we’re already introducing cbds in oregon. In addition, tivities into our body and our body actually produces it sound, so those are able to meet meet up and my back tire off one another and balance things out. So I epilepsy patients see a benefit from taking cbd water, so feel free. Do your own research. As far as you know that linda endocannabinoid system, like i, said it’s the largest receptive system in the human body, and so sorry I couldn’t answer that question a little bit better than that. But you know that’s why we’re also finding out, through drinking cbd water, that we have at cdg cbg, do the extraction process and finding you don’t like i, said, there’s over a hundred cannabinoids in the plant and they come out at different times and temperatures of the extraction process, and so and some temperature is really the extraction going to get certain cannabinoids out. But I’m cd by far is easiest to track this far and we’re still learning daily about the benefits of the different cannabinoids, but back to the cbd water i, don’t know where I was really going to take off with that to the office and go to our website. If you’re at the cbd.Com, we have a no-brainer offer, try your first beverage for a dollar can’t really emphasize it over. That I mean we’re covering shipping. You get to choose. Your flavor $4 I’ll, probably do is, if it’s possible I’m working with the co-packer now to offer all four flavors in a box and all four flavors and working with covering shipping on that as well. It won’t be this for a dollar, probably five bucks for all four anyways. What is that girl website drive to cbd.Com beverage for a dollar and the cbd water weather, and that’s on just the carbonated players badly? You would think that the water with no flavors would cost less to produce, but it is not so other than that. Talk about the receptive system in the brain make sure i. Always questions answered about cbd water, evaluating evidence. Talk to you. Do your own studies, there’s no fda or clinical trials right now. So it’s all this. You know there is some some studies, but it’s not backed by the fda and, quite frankly, i. Don’t think we want the fda involved in this, but anyways discovery cbd.Com, a good place to get information. Anyways, like i, said, go to website forgot to see what you got,, try your first cbd water for just a dollar and be on the lookout on store shelves. Anyways I appreciate everyone listening taking the time to read this, however, you get it. Dvd.Com is here to help with the offering up your active, cbd water. Thank you. Cbd water