CBD Water | Industrial Hemp healthy alternatives

More and everyone is john kelly pure active cbd I’m here today to talk to you about cbd water. As you know, if you’ve been listening to our other podcasts, we are in the process of launching they all natural, no sugar added carbonated water with natural flavors and cbd and cbd stand for cannabidiol. We haven’t touch base on that. Yet, if you haven’t caught it, that’s what it stands for is cannabidiol cannabidiol comes from marijuana plants comes from hemp plants about all of our cbd is extracted from industrial hemp for cbd water, and it is a 50 state. Legal federal law is less than anything. Less than three 10 to 1% is legal by the federal limit. Now states can go in make their own laws. Some of them have one of the dakotas is in the dark ages on it and they probably think everyone’s going to start taking cbd water and start swing dancing in in you know.

It all starts with the marijuana all starts with industrial hemp and that’s like looking over at a kid riding his huffy bike down the street and assuming that he’s going to be in the hell’s angels one day, just not how it works. That’s where cbd water, no natural, alternative, the healthy alternatives to just regular water, or you know what I prefer somebody to drive, up., active, cbd beverage, cbd water over soda or pop I had to be careful how they said that I come from a generation where you know everything was a coke, then matter what flavor it was. So different parts of the country have different sayings for a letter. B coke soda pop anyways want to knock that out of the park and just say I’m, not against coca-cola pepsi I was just you know how I’m telling, if I’m telling a product. Of course I want someone to buy my cbd water over over a competitor, whether it be another water, another soda product, pepsi, product or coke product i. Don’t care! Of course, I want them to buy my number that so not being discriminated to any soda industry. Have people corporate or not so back to the cbd water like i, said it’s an all natural alternative to that and what you going to get when you take cbd water, where I left off on the last one I was telling you guys that I had a friend but I stopped in to get some lunch after business. Coaching meeting and I had some samples, I said here:you go man, try this and I knew that you know he he didn’t want to try it forever. He knew what I was working on. He suffered from lower back pain and should know when you get that cbd water go when I want to try it.

One of the people. Anyways I’ve got several others, so I had I think it was my first or second round of flavors gave him one. That’s it man tell me what you think and get back with me. It wouldn’t 10-15 minutes 15 minutes max. He comes over to big smile on his face. I mean like an ear-to-ear smile like when was dj kool smiles off of the road trip. I, don’t know. What’s going on with my kind of way, I’m in this great mood, I guess just my day is getting better:okay, anytime you’re paying your days bad. Like I said this is just dance for 15 minutes to take him to cbd water. You and your ear. Your lower back pain, subsiding, make your body feel better, and then, on top of that, you know that the cvd is firing off on that it was working with the endocannabinoid system. Now that’s the largest receptive system in the human body and new, it’s it’s getting those cb1 cb2 receptors being on the fire off and we make our own. We have our cb1, cb2, receptors and so thc marijuana affects just one of them. I can’t remember exactly which ones I’m not going to say it right now, but that’s where the high comes from cbd. Tell me other side of the cb1 cb2 receptors and I used to be able to I know exactly which one was which, but the think through talking all about the thc in marijuana and cbd. I’ll, be honest with you, like anyone, I’m just getting them mixed up. So I’m not going to say, which is which but anyways that’s how it works. The endocannabinoid system to receptors are in charge of the are pain receptors.

So if we can block some of those will cbd water at war help with some mom some pain. You know it it’s it’s! It’s almost like just taking aspirin ibuprofen excetera doing the same thing. Just your your your anti-inflammatory, your man’s, you in pain, that’s one of them! Cbd cannabidiol, shown too slow tumor grows, so it in which anti-tumor growth, slow, the progression of cancer cells and liking to say, kills cancer cells in my going to say, cures cancer and if you drink, cbd water that be a horrendous claim to make, but once again and we’re not evaluated by the fda, so I’ve got to put the disclaimer out there that we are not here to diagnose print, prevent, treat or cure any disease. So I need to get that and make that clear. So it flows tumor gross. We got that going for us. It’s not going to cure cancer course. I mean i, don’t get off on that! Tangent will get anti-inflammatory anti-anxiety when that’s really what turned me onto it. I was going through a troubling time. Less than a year ago, came across cbd water and was drinking I had a couple bottles of it where I was and noticed. You know that our after drinking out of a man I’m in a good mood, my worries seem to have subsided or they’re, not as bad I’m in a good mood.

Just kind of melinda’s, just in a great mood just wanted to know. Basically, just like hey, let’s party, let’s day drink all day, can’t do that but hard to get things done. My wife did the same. Thing. They drink she went to. I gave her a bottle to take with her to a.M. Her first day back at crossfit, from tearing your achilles tendon and came home, and he felt great then good mood, no pain and a lot of it. You know she drink that water throughout the work out. What day you got number one anti-inflammatory properties of the cbd water, and so that was helping with the achilles tendon number. Two and she’s got those endorphins going for the first time in a long time, from working out and doing the crossfit workout of the day. So just to see the smile, it would be my wife’s face the bartender’s face when i, let him try the cbd water. That’s probably the most rewarding aspect of all this to me to build something that is helping people and there’s so many things coming down the pike on this. It’s not just the cvd water I’ve got two other products that there’s no launch end of this steel. Fourth quarter 2018 or begin in 2019 and just being designed to help people make their day easier. First, you don’t get this. Let’s get to cbd water, wheel, rolling and, like i, said we’ll get it all packed here in the next 30 to 60 days and be ready. Third quarter for mass distribution on pier active cbd water