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Pilot john calipari, active cbd and we are talking about terpenes and cbd water today, get a lot of questions about what terpenes were putting into cbd water and we’ve narrowed it down to what strand we want to use when you narrow it down to a processing facility. We’ve know the the flavor with a flavor narrow down the flavor formulations on two of the three flavors. So now we just need to focus on the raspberry rush flavor want to get just a touch sweeter and also we started the in the last 2 days finishing up the carbonated water unflavored with the cbd terpenes in it, and that was the but that the last step so to speak in the cbd water beverage line that we’re building so again so I got. You say this every episode, you know we’re learning everyday and there’s this articles reports, emails seminars come out every day with new knowledge, new findings, new facts, cbd and terpenes, but is that the knowledge of terpenes in the testing of the cannabinoids in cannabis, for the amount that specific terpenes come available and it become more widespread? You will see not only dispensaries and storage being able to cater specific tastes. 2 I would say ingredients in specific case to cater to a specific elements such as. If you want to get a fee, if your goal is to get over anxiety, we can we can narrow down.

We can use this strand of industrial hemp cbd with terpenes. If it. If your goal is to feel more energized, we can give you the cbd water infused with this industrial, hemp and terpenes. So much like you know, different strains of medical marijuana do different things. The reason it does because the terpenes in it so as we continue to clone and brie new strands of industrial hemp and bring their own strand will be able able to finesse and polish off certain cbd waters. For certain elements, my goal is to have a recovery drink for the people that are working out, but if you know powerlifting, gym and everyday jam, crossfit gym excetera be able to use the cbd water as a recovery, drink and then also wanted everyday drink, and then, on top of that, you know it’s somebody might want to drink. 12 ounce can of cbd water have before you know an hour before they go to bed and get a calming effect, and that might be where we put melatonin in it. I don’t know i, don’t have the answers right now. So that being said, that’s why we are chasing down the terpene infused photo cannabinoid, rich cbd, water anyways. That’s that’s where we are.

My goal is to be able to meet the consumers. Needs wants and needs their the driving force behind. All this you guys so with that being said, I feel like I’ve touching up on the terpenes and the gym, try to reiterate you’re there, the aroma compounds that are responsible for how cannabis smells and they produce the cannabinoid like thc and cbd and there’s over 200 of them, so that lot of them have different flavors i, don’t know if I mentioned that or not, and that’s why I will formulate in the cbd water is a little difficult because and yet over 200 different terpenes that are responsible for how can I have annoyed smells? You know you get some that are like a sitrus berry, mint pine flavor of it all changes the needs of the flavor of the cbd water and that’s why it’s taking so long to to formulate this I go out tomorrow and watch it and it’ll be perfect. Went. A perfect I would have it on the market and probably hit 40 50% of market. They like it, but then someone’s going to come right behind me and do it better. So why not? Do it right? The first time right now, the gate, that’s roehampton, very diverse plant of the cannabis family and it’s very fascinating lot of characteristics of the terpenes in our ability to interact together with the with the cbd energy, so to speak, and that and that since the cbd water infused with cbd and terpenes, that’s what you call the entourage effect with. That being said, some people call it feel like we have a full spectrum. Entourage effect whole plant going to be careful, hair advertise that, because, if it’s full spectrum, it’s going to have thc in it, and so at that point, if you ever ties full spectrum in the cbd water here it is. After and put it on my label, but I’ve extracted all trace amount of thc within it’s, not full spectrum anymore. That’s considered false advertising.

So with that being said, we are just in a basically cover our ass mindset right here right now, until we get this perfect, you know i, don’t if it takes longer than 30 days as fast as anybody else. I want this to be done and I’ve, given the samples out to friends and family in and seeing the positive results in things and it’s hard to convey over podcast. When you give a bottle of the beverage away to somebody and then 15-20 minutes later they they come up to you and they’re just excited or like I’m, not in pain, anymore and yeah. I had one guy that said, I knew this could be a placebo, but who cares i? Think it’s working. The kind of bothered me a little bit like a line and I had to put on fake smile and I was happy for him, and you can clearly see that to be paint to be pain-free in the back of all places. Don’t know this guy for several months now and always complaining of lower back pain until I gave him a bottle of each other.

Your favorite, of course, I never want to come back to the raspberries, the favorite, and it’s really hard for me to understand how the cbd water raspberry flavor, is everyone’s favorite when it’s not mine, but neither here nor there anyways back to like the choice that the true joy that I get out of this and that probably the driving force to make sign up behind it is when somebody has a bottle and they drink it. 15-20 minutes later and they’re, just like hey I’m, going to great mood, I have no pain. That’s awesome me and my wife came home. One time went to the tour achilles tendon horrible injury wouldn’t wish that upon anybody and do that in february. I want to say it was in september october. She finally made it back to the gym for the first time, and she asked me:do you mind if I take a bottle with me is absolutely not the right ahead. She drank it during and finished up the rest on the way home I was in the garage when she came home. She came in had the cbd water in hand and smell just in a great mood and i, don’t know what it is. Not all there are actually a lot of it. Probably wasn’t endorphins going through her body from being able to work out for the first time. Let’s be honest, I mean and maybe I’m just being too humble I don’t know, but when I come home when she came home, excited I can tell her her voice in her eyes and they like she’s, able to walk that. She was feeling good so that that’s the driving force behind cbd water, pure active cbd, flavored, carbonated, water