CBD Water | Ingredients That Are Healthy

Everyone is john kelly, pure active cbd I’m here today on the 11th of april, to talk to you about pure active cbds hemp, infused, cbd, infused carbonated flavored water. Are we just left off last session? I was at the noco northern colorado hemp expo this past weekend, two day, event and very informative. If you’re in the hemp industry interested in the hemp industry, I would highly recommend going like I said it’s a two-day event and awesome awesome time. The only saw two cbd waters while I was there the whole time. One was, you know just to unflavored, regular water that has fight flavor to it, but it felt there cbd water felt pretty flat.

Had a slight metal metal taste to it. I haven’t got that figured out and haven’t run their ingredients backwards on their cbd water, but there was another one that did catch my eye. It’s a cat, i, don’t remember the name of it, but they had they had four flavors of cbd water. One was orange cream, soda orange soda cream soda and the what I said they had a ginger ale. That I was pretty good tasted, exactly like ginger ale, cereal, snack, scooby snack, something like that there cbd water, and it was that basically captain crunch flavor. Cbd water. It was like you know when you eat cereal and you got cereal, the left in the bottom, cereal, milk, that’s what its flavor was. It was okay, I mean they nailed the flavor. It’s just not something I wake up and say:oh my gosh I need some captain crunch flavored water flavors ice cry.

They had that one or two more, but you know again. This is where this is. Where are pure active cbd water stands out on its own yo number one we’re all natural drink, this cbd or the company cbd water. They had 7 oz to their glass bottle. Very small bottle:glass expensive. Their wholesale price was 399. Also just in that 7 oz was 25 grams of sugar and that right there is ridiculous. 7 oz, maybe 6 oz. It was sitting between I think it was 6. Ounces now I think about it. So you have a 12 hour to drink two of them. You have 50 grams of sugar. That’s why there’s an obesity epidemic in the us and, if you’re going to take cbd, especially cbd water and you’re, trying to help your body with something why throw 50 grams of sugar are 25 grams of sugar? Sorry into your system that, in this is ridiculous. It tasted great don’t get me wrong. Orange cream was amazing, but wow. You know it is just a lot of sugar, so anyways back to what I was saying. The active, cbd waters, all natural and are grams of sugar are under 10. All are flavors trying to get it under 9, but, like I said, all natural sugar comes from the juice and we do have a little stevia extract and very little like three tenths of a milligram of stevia is a natural sweetener, and it’s so many times sweeter than sugar, but I know i, said to myself it’s better to use that then either adding erythritol to the cbd water, which is a sugar, alcohol or a more your natural sugar. So stevie is natural sugar, let that it get the flavor we want and go from there kindly what else did I see there? That was a very interesting in addition to the cbd waters. There’s a lot of things coming down the road with the with the hampton inn in the fabrics textiles. Of course, oklahoma is not there yet, but we’re getting there. So it’s just a matter of house bill, 2913 passing and it did pass the senate floor to pass the appropriations committee passed the house committee.

All the stuff doesn’t necessarily to happen for pure active cbd water, but it sure makes the environment of which this business is in more friendly. This bill, passing more people are going to know about it, and so we are just waiting on that should go to the governor’s desk here, pretty quick and we should be able to plant some industrial hemp in oklahoma and june 2018. We’ll see what happens so all we’re doing is playing the waiting game. We got the whole teacher debacle going on right now and that needs to get to get fixed so back to the cbd water current time at attrition panel on this desk, I didn’t have it pulled up before I started this but, like i, said less than 9 grams of sugar, it’s all natural I did add some basic electrolyte pack. What sets you know your magnesium potassium, like we already having to put potassium in it, for the cbd dab onto to stay suspended in the water, so it was like a hit two birds, one stone so to speak with the cbd water, and we got that in there. Some citric acid, of course, give me just a second I’ll, probably have to get it on the next recording all the cbd I’ll pull up all the ingredients on the next cbd water and will get that set plus I didn’t mention about this. You just go over to my notes, here on the cbd water. This is the first time I’ve done this. Please podcast with not having my computer up and running that’s going to an update, so yeah good times. Okay, this! This right here will help a potassium magnesium, calcium, that’s our basic electrolyte pat pack for the cbd water and oh, the other thing I forgot to mention our cbd. That’s going into this cbd water is a renfield. Let’s has the nano particle size technology, don’t know the exact words that I need to get that on the next one as well and I’ll get that fixed, but with all the nanotechnology means that you’re just basically taking a particle of something and reducing its size millions of times so it’s more bioavailable and to the human body more by availability to the human body that absorbs quicker than human bloodstream.

So that’s that’s good. If you ask me if it deal goes to work quicker and all of our products are done, that way that go into the cbd water and if you don’t well, then it’s not going to be in one day that we didn’t brother potassium through the machine won’t want to put that potassium back in there that’s going to take a roadblock to the blood-brain barrier of getting the cd into the system