CBD Water | Legitimate and Delicious

How you doing today, this john keller to active cbd, the founder, the masterminds behind., his, tv and pure active cbd water 10 today to talk to you about somebody asked what the difference between cbd and thc and is your water legal straight question? Yes, are our water is thc free? It is legal. The difference between thc and cbd is thc psychoactive properties marijuana to get to the high for keeps. The munchies gives you that stoned calming feeling cbd does not get you high can have a calming effect is also anti-inflammatory. Panda doesn’t doesn’t give any hangover I said non-psychoactive, so those are the differences between thc, no just a quick differences between thc and cbd, a different receptors endocannabinoid system. So cbd is nothing if not a series of healthy benefits that will make you feel more sober instead of stoned.

This is why cbd is leading the way in terms of legitimizing and legalizing cbd and medical marijuana, cbd science and we’re going to learning something every every day. Every week and there’s new articles being published every week, but we’re having a fight, is the stereotype like cheech and chong, and show people stories of charlotte young girl that charlotte’s web strain was named after gaining popularity, and it is popular it has become the last seemingly sound argument for drug war. Scoundrels, who would rather have us use less effective medication in order to justify I guess just by their probation on thc. It’s time to look at the new research stop looking at the old research. How do I say we need to go out there and legalize it and won’t you stay away from cbd water or cbd in general, no I know the tv is not going to solve everything for everyone and medical marijuana. Probably not. Probably, there is a need for that. Certain patients, cbd oil, isn’t fully legal in it has the thc because, because of it, comes from a sister plan of it illegal sores.

So that’s why they want to put a stop to it, but the that’s why you all are cbd. Has the thc removed through supercritical co2 extraction, so it’s it’s thc for aids. It’s and we use a cbd, isolate and cbd water and hey babe. We don’t use is hemiola oil. We would could it just be like I was telling guys earlier using the cbd oil in the cbd water trying to get the oil to blend with the water you have to use. Imagine eyes are in the in the shelf. Life wasn’t as great so in and on top of that, after sitting for awhile, the oil wood separate. That’s why we believe that we thought it’d be best. If your trial try on air and given a research we had of the time we decided to go with the cbd and use the nano technology and cbd water comes in three flavors orange orange crush line rush and raspberry rush. Sorry been melanie podcasting in easy to get.. All mixed up seems like I’m, saying the same thing over and over again, what are the little known uses of cbd cbd water can help a cigarette addiction. Water can help with acne. That’s a new one that I just read about this week, I’ve known that cbd can help with blood sugar levels.

So it can help diabetic patients if they were taking you no one to two bottles of cbd water a day, fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia, that’s another one that I read about the other day. That surprised me and let’s just see how, after knowing what what it is, it’s just the way:the tv fires off the cb1 cb2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, ptsd cbd, cbd waters been shown in with anti-anxiety anti-anxiety and the calming effect to help with ptsd crohn’s disease. That’s another big one I’ve got a friend that that his daughter has crohn’s and got her on a cbd regimen and showing positive results and and she’s having better results than we did this with the knowledge of her a practitioner giving her some cbd water and some cbd oils well and she’s, able to reduce the intake of prescription medication in dealing with her crowns house of ms, multiple sclerosis, it in and see what he has the can. We reverse the inflammatory responses, and do you want to say I mean I’m just looking down this list here when I say that only in my house right now, they’re testing that but I could be wrong, mean. There’s new studies coming out everyday tvg are the cannabinoids has been shown to help alzheimer’s patients and that that study just came out at the end or they started it.

It came out one of the two I’m going to course give me at the end of 2017. Cbd water can help with insomnia because of the calming effect. So those are I think I gave up nine uses of cbd cbd water, we’re learning everyday and see what else we have here can I go over my notes that I’ve got highlighted cbd water yeah. This is good mother benefits of cbd in the cbd water is, of course, pain. Relief produces an anti-inflammatory appetite, stimulant, ciara, anti insomnia, aids and sleep where I talked about their antidiabetic neuroprotective antibacterial antifungal balance stimulant. Those are just some of the benefits of cbd in the cbd water and as I go from here she is just a reference. There are over 85 cannabinoid chemicals found in industrial hemp, so we’re going to be studying these for a long time. Cbd like i, said, increases alertness, help me sleep makes you less anxious. Studies show that cbd can do some interesting stuff, of course, and that’s how I’m 15 mg a day so that small doses we’re 15 mg, so I’m, sorry, I can cbd water helps prevent seizures, decrease social anxiety.

Those are just some of the benefits of taking cbd water. Now, on the on the sleep, you do need a larger dose they’re suggesting over a hundred a hundred 50 mg for aiding and sleep of cbd water. So you might want to take cbd oil dropper in addition to the cbd water