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Finish talking about the benefits of cbd water semi main objective cbd has three flavored waters cbd water, that is orange, crush lime, lush, raspberry rush. Those are the three lightly flavored and lightly carbonated dvd waters that we offer, and we also have the dvd water that’ll be launched. 3rd quarter. 2018 are in the first quarter:2018 10 mg of cbd unflavored unscented, uncarbonated, cbd water. We left off with help with it’s an anti-nausea cbd may help with I just went blank anti-nausea. It helps with the digestive tract wow. Some of these-oh, that was another one. My daughters had two hip replacements took the first one. I wasn’t involved with the cbd if you’re active cbd at the time and second one he he was drinking to lot. Toucans bottle of cbd water a day and 2 to beverages a day and less pain, recovered, quicker, I think he was off his walker. 2 weeks, quicker I’ll be a week and a half and tell her. That might be because you know he went to the first hip replacement. So we’ll get me some of that, but cbd has been proven to help with bone growth. So there’s that cbd water has been proven to help with insomnia. Now, if you take a lot of cbd water, you are going to get a drowsy effect. I have an experience that I’ve always experienced more of an alert calming effect. Maybe that’s what they’re considering drowsy but anyways cbd water can help with insomnia. Dvd water has been proven, or even just need to be treating substance, use disorders and doctors been prescribing cbd and do they one of them said you know that country out the way you described it, some of the same properties as a heavy marijuana user, I guess the communist actor was the same and I guess that’s kind of what he reminded him of it, but he didn’t have that to psychoactive high and there was no paranoia with it. So I thought that was pretty interesting. Cbd may help with people quitting smoking, I don’t smoke, don’t know anyone that does really so I drink water, I’m going to say that may or may not help with quitting smoking. I could see. Maybe if they were vaping it and they were trying to quit smoking, maybe that was very nice of you to get says nicotine, but I can’t just be like drinking cbd. Water would help somebody quit smoking. Let’s be honest, that’s cuz, I think some of the smoking will be just from the habit, so he had a vapure. You could reduce that. Have it a little bit but I’m not scratch that one from the benefits of the cbd water. That is, let’s see here. You know that’s the some of the benefits of taking cbd water. Let’s see just going to my notes here and just go to all of the benefits of cbd. Of course it’s the 9 non psychoactive compound found in industrial hemp and that’s the dvds. Will we use and cbd water need to take cbd from the concentrated oils to the teachers smoke it out how to get the cd to play into the market. That’s fine how’s, the water is the best and not all cbd water is made. The same just want to reiterate that then I’m going to get you high or they shouldn’t have. They got thc in that you’re, going to get a little bit of psychoactive element to it. It should say right on there if it has thc in it. So read your label out and see but lab verification of where there cbd comes from so like I said no one comes with additional gredients flavorings excetera. That’s why I offered the four different flavors of natural water and we’re experimenting with the cbd water, unflavored, cbd, water, carbonated i, don’t know how much it will be for that I like carbonation, but tub free to do that yet or not like to stick with hood dvd water in the bottle. Unflavored 10 milligram dose still maintain clear, duty water, and then we have the lightly flavored lightly. Carbonated cbd water, with a 25 milligrams of cbd anyways, just trying to benefits of cbd water, or nothing like that going to get you high. No some people describe a entourage area for a feeling. I was just thinking of you. Consider call me that’s my canon mine for it. That’s my good mood, I’m already, naturally, I kind of a high-strung person is. It is so taking cbd water everyday, just kind of helps me this kind of even out relax a little bit. We’ve already discussed that how much cbd water should you drink while we’re recommending and taurus talking to our doctor, testimonials 50 milligrams a day should I be two hands a day, trying to think nope. Okay, doubtful very doubtful corrective cbd was founded, 2 reasons, a the cbd water that is out there was way overpriced for what it was, and two I thought there was a better way to go about it. The offer 3 flavoring can offer a higher dose of cbd will see how it’s so far been doing. Great and things are rolling fast and ford. It says you should see trying to see how long it should take. I apologize, be sure to check out our no-brainer offer up here:active cbd.Com, trying one of our flavors of the lightly carbonated lightly flavored cans for just a dollar. It goes from the orange crush lime lush, raspberry rush, any one of those for a dollar and free shipping and the lower 48 states, and please go try that and send me an email review at info at pure, active cbd.Com and tell me what you think. Thank you