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Hi this is john kelly to appear active cbd. Please check out our website that directive cbd.Com. We are here today to talk about cbd water, like we talked on what is cd that is short for cannabidiol. What’s the difference between cbd and thc? Well, I’m going to be thc fans that I don’t like the psychoactive properties of it, but article here track. Drake.Com both compounds have important health benefit. Let’s see, I have anti-inflammatory as well anti tremor asthmatic appetite, stimulating, of course, is non-psychoactive and it has the same anti-inflammatory anticonvulsant same as thc anti psycho anti-psychotic it snowing cycle. Active and I talked to them and neuro protector, neuroprotective, sorry, and so the only benefits that the thc would offer based on those anti tremor, which cbd has known with the anti-convulsant trying to say similar benefits with the cbd, and you don’t get the psychoactive high, so you’re into that, and then just take thc but cbd. Why we did directed cbd was found in the cbd water lead to use the cbd into the water, long story, long process, but-and we have an increasing number of people that are demographics. I marketed this to they’re there already yo health-conscious there they’re going to want another, the anti-gmo homegrown demographic, and that that’s what we here just for. So we have an increasing number of customers that are looking for a healthier, more organic, cleaner way to consume cbd other than vaping or the oil sew-in course relativity is growing incredibly popular just because the benefits of cbd people are already drinking tons of water. So why not make cbd water? What is cbd water? Well, cbd water simply put his infusion of water and cbd, pretty simple other than that. I don’t want to get into our proprietary blending process, but it does break it down. You know we’re just taking 25 milligrams of cbd. Wouldn’t you know obvious water, which is the number one thirst quencher a body needs water and there’s a lot of people that are already doing this with water, but nobody was doing a flavor and nobody was doing it with carbonation. So I took it a step further. Why should you drink? Cbd water people consume medical cbd in a wide variety of forms. Already oil tinctures, vaping, cbd gummies, the cbd capsules strips to pins, topical creams, already went on a rant about that when you’re, basically, like i, said that the content of the cbd consumed in these forms is lost along the way, if it’s not probably just take the oil either the bioavailability of that oil or the file availability of that cream in your hair, not getting it confused or not getting it, and yes in the body. So we we we, we take cbd and increase the bioavailability of it through the nano particle size and and the nanoparticles help I keep the dvd and cd water suspended 4 maximum. Well, can you show it to spend in the water? And so, when you drink it, it’s not like settled on the bottom or floating. On the top and I tried to say it’s just it’s the best bioavailability other than bacon that cuz they didn’t you or bypassing the digestive system, so dvd water, that we offer violin, nanoparticle, processing, processing, bioavailability with lightly flavored carbonated water. So I really feel like I answered that question very well, I apologize for that i! Don’t really know! Why should somebody drink, cbd, water, lol, i? Guess you could narrow it down to just it’s the best form of taking tvd, because you need any other human body needs water in so we’re taking cbd water. We love, you know it’s. We got cbd suspended, reviews a surfactant to keep it suspended and through the nano particle size of the cvd, it’s more bioavailable, the human body. Then just taking oil or am I say you take a cbd oil capsule and then, on top of that, the oil in the capsule now has two:it’s it’s not repeal the concentration. They will take longer to digest that and it would be the 25 mg in the cbd water and a lot of these cbd capsules. That I’m saying are the only you know, 10 to 15 milligram that same time as high as 50, but you can drink a bottle of water faster with seeking drink a bottle of cbd water faster than it would absorb into your system quicker than just taking a cbd, capsule and you’re. Getting the benefit of the hydration of the water, I hope i. Answer that question see you. The benefits of cbd infused h2o using water means that user receives a healthy dose. Beneficial uses, dvd and cd is non-psychoactive. I can get you high. You won’t have the gigs, the munchies or elves no one’s going to look at you, like you, just hot box in your car, and you still be able to drive your car still be able to operate heavy machinery when she comes in handy for me. Cuz I’m, a farmer so simple benefits of it that we all have had our life is cbd for information, cbd, water for muscle, pain, cbd, water for nausea, cbd, water for anxiety. Those are just others, of course, jodeci be wanting to use for epilepsy. He’s been proven to have anti tumor growth, so you could add cbd water. Someone has cancer. It’s still going to help with the other tumor growth bpd water for september 17th from ptsd five of my fibromyalgia