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What’s up everybody, this john kelly, pure active, cbd and I’m here today, to discuss with you if you’re active, cvds, cbd water, you can listen to any of these podcast. You know that we have four flavors the original sparkling water 15 mg of cbd no natural flavor. Do we have the orange rush cbd water, the lemon lime, cbd water and raspberry rush, cbd water, all the 15 mg, if I get 20 off of 20 in it cbd and cbda, of course, dancer cannabidiol from industrial hemp plant. That’s a full plant extract full spectrum, 0 thc. So that’s what we have coming on I’m going to guess what I’m going to say if I put a date to it, then I’ve been anxious to do that. Both Ways-i’ve already missed one date, so I’m going to say 3rd quarter, I mean the mass distribution.

Far is your oncue quiktrip casey’s general stores excetera for the cbd water available I’m, going to probably do I reach out to everyone? Not probably do I think this is beyond been wanting to do this, but I’m reaching out to everyone, and if I can get this four pack package, the way that I want you to have one of every flavor and try man try every flavor for a dollar and dollar can that is so before box plus shipping see what you think go from there. My bad is the lemon lime will be everyone’s favorite, but I’ve been wrong once today. Already so we’ll see what happened that anyways, cbd water started this early latin mid-season last year had an idea. I knew I want to do something with cbd. I was already experiencing the health benefits of cbd, so it was just natural to try to make a product that it was available to the masses in better form than than just taking the oil dropper bottle, putting the taking the oil sublingually underneath the tongue, which is fine, that’s how I was taking it. Soft gels work good too, but that’s not how it is kind of sexy is grabbing that you know, can also the no in a cooler at a convenience store and and and have enough that way-and that’s that’s when it that’s basically, you know:i have the waters I had like I said I had the oil droppers softgels had some good ones at some bad ones.

You learn real quick who’s. The a reputable source in in in the country when it comes to cbd always look for lab results will be posted every time we get a new batch of those lab results, be posted online. If you are active cbd.Com for the various batches of cbd water, so yeah, that’s that’s why I that’s how I got started. I was able to i, was going through a tough time and see what the world was coming down and it wasn’t. But it’s way it felt everything’s everything cycle it if you’re experiencing a good time right now, it’s not going to last if you’re experiencing a bad time right now, it’s not going to last that’s what makes this whole deal so exciting. The story behind this short amount of time, if you look at where we started where we’ve come, and the momentum behind pure active cbd water other products as well, it’s a big deal. It’s just. It’s amazing deal where I don’t know what month it was due. No just running into somebody recommended night and I go get some business coaching with this idea. Cbd was helping with anxiety depression for me not going to lie different results for everyone else, but and I’m. Just take you back to the anger, frustration betrayal that I was going through running running. I’m. Not doing this I’m not going to lie. I mean money is not the goal on this. It’s the drive!

It’s that the comeback building. Of cbd in and cbd water. That’s you know that’s. Why did my drive and I’ll be there with you and seeing is probably too involved in the developed? Is when I’m excited about so sorry, I had to close the door, their paws anyways will get the story of of of of how this came to be another podcast in this product help people smile. It puts on their face whether it’s helping them with the depression and anti-anxiety lot of meal 90% of what I see after somebody takes it, the other taking it for some sort of ailment, let it be paying most most times pain like arthritis, joints, back pain, anyways, the old they take it 10 15 minutes later they got to smile on their face. You know you think they know that cbd waters working I had one guy. Tell me i, don’t get this point if it’s a placebo, I know you could have just told me, sugar, water, if it’s making me feel this way, you know who cares. I haven’t smiled at that last message. Well, I still care. You know this isn’t a snake. Well, this is just research it if you, if you, if you’re interested in taking cbd just type in cbd in and then whatever you want to cure or whatever you know, if you’re trying to get over with her being inside a depression. Ptsd turn of google results, I’m, not telling you that this is a key role by any means. The cbd water is just. You know I’m designing it and design this product. Where did everyday use or somebody from where I frequent a lot crossfit gym, I know after i, workout I always grab a kill cliff and to me kill cliff helps with muscle recovery taste good. So that’s that’s another one. There I can tell when I do or don’t have one because a lot of times they run out of my favorite flavor at the gym, but dumb yeah anyways back to you, though, just building it designing it to be a everyday drink to a recovery drink from you know whether someone is running a 5k half-marathon.

Now that’s another example:one of our close friends ran the chicago marathon when she was training. She shave 4 minutes off of her time, drink one cbd water before hand and wondering and I asked her. If it will, surely you know the weather was different. You run a different course. No, it was all she trained every day. Weather was the same same course track. So to speak. Four minutes, that’s a lot! She just got to the. She just ran it a half last weekend and she was at 2 minutes, 2 minutes and 4 seconds to fireside 2 hours for minute, I love to get on a 2 hours for a for a half until there’s some more cbd water and I think she’ll be able to do it once she get some more cbd water and set your mind to it. Pretty simple. Once you set your mind to do something like that, it it’s it’s very easy to conquer it, but anyways. Those are just some of the issues that I’m having with these people taking this product, the cbd water that is-and then you might take long-is why I I designed it