CBD Water | Psychoactive

Hey:what’s up everybody, this john kelly from pure, active cbd and we’re here today to talk about pure, active cbds, carbonated water and their cbd water as well to be water, just the non-carbonated one non-flavored non-carbonated going to be a little late to the market, but anyways someone just asked what is cbd, why we probably should start there right. Cbd stands for cannabidiol and it’s from dvds from our cds from industrial, hemp and yes, kind of couple questions here that are bull appointed. What exactly is cbd oil? What is it good for? How does it work? Is it addictive? Why is it suddenly so popular? That’s probably my favorite one! Is it legal and are all cbd oil products safe? Well, okay, so is cbd as I said, stands for cannabidiol it’s in a group of compounds called cannabinoids, there’s several cannabinoid, there’s a b c b d, a c d g, c, b, g, a c b, c, c, b c, a t, h, c, 9, t h, c 9, thc 8 in thcv, now those last for thc. Those are the psychoactive cannabinoids pound of marijuana. What is a psychoactive that affects the brain? That’s the the high that everyone gets now:the cbd cvda c d, g c d, b, c, c, b c, a those are all non-psychoactive, still have amazing properties and very powerful and say the least cbd. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. So, let’s just focus on that. One I’ve got a list of positive attributes to cbd. It’s antibacterial inhibits cancer cell growth doesn’t stop it. It just slows it down. Going to cure cancer, and before we get started today talking about cbd, you try to see if it needs water with cbd. None of these products are intended to treat for manicure or and I covered it any disease or not regulated by the fda, and so we have to have that fda disclaimer on there. Okay. So if it’s cancer cell growth stops tumor growth neuroprotective promote bone growth, that’s one that I learned a couple weeks ago. I think that’s just fantastic. Special people are like osteoporosis, cbd water and reduces seizures and convulsions reduces blood. Sugar levels reduces function in the immune system, reduces inflammation, reduces risk of artery blockage. I think there is a steady going around right now to see the effects of cbd in treating heart disease encouraging listening or reading this content to google that reduces small, intestine contractions reduces vomiting and nausea, reduces pain and inflammation, reduces anxiety, slows bacterial growth, surpresas muscle spasms, tranquilizing treats for alice’s and I got written down there cuz that next one is a note from something else. So those are just some of the benefits of cbd and the dvd that we put in cbd water question states. What is cbd I said it stands for accountable to group of chemical compounds called cannabinoids and I covered the cbds to cvg cincy bda’s to the thc’s going off on we’ll talk about the cb1 receptors and cb2 receptors cbd water is is been shown to help with anxiety and all that’s here that article I was looking for sources, one charlotte’s web, yet stanley brothers, that was her name. They create a high-cbd low-thc strains of cannabis, known as charlotte’s web, which managed to calm charlotte seizures within the first hour after she took it as an extracted oil. So it’s got a reason why cbd oils I getting so much a traction so much attention right now is one cuz of the story here and help this girl with the? What did you have with the exact down epilepsy I know she had something else anyway, she was having nearly 300 seizures a week. Do this rare form of absence epilepsy d’arvit syndrome and see if it now she’s having seizures two to three times a month, so from 300 seizures a week $1,200 a month down to two or three seizures a month, pretty amazing and that’s from cbd, not from the thc everyone’s all legalize it, legalized at cvd, is what’s causing all this and a lot of the stoners in and the guys that love the marijuana not happy about it, but I think they want that psychoactive, hi and good for them, I mean who are we say that they can’t have? It is what it is, but we’re here today to talk about cbd water and you have to see what he water. So we were just let’s not get sidetracked too far off of topic. Cbd is legal. There are want to say:13 states I got to look I’m not going to google it 56 15th, 8:15, cbd legal state bullet, isn’t here at the time this was written, 17th state, there’s wow 6 days now that completely outlaw cbd use yeah, anyways, cbd water. It’s been proven to help with anxiety. Depression mood swings. It helps with that muscle, fatigue, cbd, water also course it hydrates, that’s one of those I think it’s fantastic. I have a nursing home that is buying the $1,200 a week and their patients that are reduced, opioid use from drinking water and summer experiencing more energy, less pain questionnaire that would make you feel better, get your moving a little better, some of the patients a drink in the cbd water, more calm and relaxed and blessed and great-and you know that the director of nursing home after we took him his first title to cbd water he’s able to hide right now. It’s one of the I didn’t realize this. That was one of the biggest things he fights in the nursing home was dehydration, so no hitting three or four both birds with one stone. With that cbd water is that I’ve been great for him