CBD Water | Questions and Answers

Hi, this is john kelly, pure active cbd, talking more today about the pure, active cbd line of sparkling water beverages and the uncarbonated bottled water and all the first questions I get asked is what it taste like. Well taste, just like water, it. We will remove with the supply supply of the cbd that we have is. If the order list tasteless powder people are glad you know what’s in there and well that’s what are lab results are for in our potency tester for but did it literally tastes like drinking regular water, i, don’t know any other way to describe that other than that way.

Now course, the sparkling water line, the carbonated beverages you have the orange orange crush the lime lush in the raspberry rush. Those all taste like, of course, your orange or lemon lime, or your raspberry, or a berry flavor with the 25 mg of cbd, and it it’s already blended, it doesn’t cbd doesn’t separate like it doesn’t other other beverage products that has an excellent shelf life at the old guitar shelf for over a year and still be suspended in the cbd be suspended in the beverage.

It’s not going to settle on the top of the bottom and with that being said, that one of our guest, proprietary, blends or processes of the way we did that to get it to see what he broke down into a nanoparticle. So it would suspend and the try to think what else drive to see me. He will have its lunch here. Wait:we’ve had we tasted the product and we’re going to do the air mass production right now we are getting ready to i, have a launch party and we’ll get the real take on it. I expect great things and great testimonial videos. The people want to try it there’s a prove.

The market first prove there was a demand and kind of built this backwards, and that’s it. I thought pure active cbd decided to to run with it. We sell the demand in and sell the need that people or I need wanting to be filled and there’s a lot of people out there that are on prescription medication to start getting the benefit. They’re, tired of taking a daily daily pill that doesn’t solve all the issues, or maybe it’s all of that issue, but it covers other issues and that’s why., of cbd water, one of the reasons why it was founded. Okay, back with you, one of the questions that I get asked a lot, he is, can you take too much cbd and in like anything, I mean too much of one thing is a bad thing, but only side effect, you’re you’re going to see from drinking pure, active, cbd water at so you drink, a 12-pack of it, you’re just going to be full and if you’d like to carbonated water, you’re, going to feel extremely full, but cbd water.

It’s just like a regular water. It’s just you’re, not other than you know. You can’t overdose on i. Guess what I’m trying to say-and it said I kind of just want to reiterate this-that again on them, the cbd, unlike any other kind of cannabinoids such as thc cbd, does not produce a psychoactive or euphoric high. This is because cbd does not affect the same receptors in your brain as thc, and so that there again that’s what and in my mind this is just my opinion. That’s what I think cbd is better or industrial. Hemp cbd regiment to a diet would be better than aladdin medical cannabis regiment, where you’re you’re taking either an injectable or smoking or vaping ill. Unless you want to get the high that’s the route you’re going to have to go you’re not going to get high from any pure active cbd water bought from pure active cbd