CBD Water | Raspberry Rush

Hello, everyone, this john kelly with pure active cbd. It is april the 11th and here today to talk to you guys, bring you up to speed on all the developments active, cbds water. As most of you know, we have three flavors the orange rush limelight rush and raspberry rush, and the unflavored carbonated water in all flavors are carbonated, but heather and amanda’s for a regular water with cbd that was sparkling and carbonated. So we have that that’s coming online here, home, we’ll finalize all the flavors this month on the look at the counter here, the 25th 26. We will sign off on all the flavor formulations in and be done, so we have that have that going for all the cbd waters that we have in formulation been a long road to get here. Ups and downs are the roadblocks just because of the cd and the nature of it I’m having to explain the what tbd is to to go packers. That’s that’s. Probably my biggest hurdle is getting the getting the beverage co packed. Everyone thinks it’s the marijuana, and it’s not in this want to reiterate what we do. We need to go over the differences between cbd in marijuana. I guess again, excuse me from consumer standpoint and what’s the difference between your cbd water and if somebody had a thc water or cannabis water I think that’s where a lot of the confusion comes from on the cbd water.

When somebody says cannabis, they automatically assume marijuana and that’s that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. They just need to know that canvases is the family of plant that the industrial, hemp and marijuana both fit in about the cannabis cannabis plant. So with that being said, like I said, that’s where a lot of confusion is coming from huge differences between marijuana and cbd imma get turned in my coffee here. Another market opportunity right:there needs to be a cvt coffee, i, think anyways cbd stands for cannabidiol. They just shorten it down. Tv needs a lot easier to say, of course, in the lot of people. Think cannabidiol also means marijuana. That doesn’t marijuana. Has the psychoactive property to it. The thc cbd industrial hemp does not why. If we touch base on the federal law, real quick dextroamp is classified anything with a lower thc level than 3:10 to 1%. If that point, it’s considered industrial hemp, like i, said when we were growing it. Hopefully house bill 2913 passes and we’ll be able to go pack our own cbd water in oklahoma and be able to grow it I may be able to grow it, but cbd till we go out there and we we plant industrial hemp, so many acres of it and we want all female plants to be going to get the high-cbd potency work. Would it be 16 to 24% and how it’s how?

How this process goes is how many ways how were going to do it to his start, the hemp plant in a greenhouse call out all the mails and paul is out thelma way and then we’re left with that. You know green house full of female industrial hemp plants. Take those plants put them in a mechanical transplanter that plants him into the the ground about six seven weeks after planting a greenhouse there ready to transplant to the ground and then go. This is a whole 90-day process between seed cbd seed to plant, ready to extract for the cbd to go into cbd water. So that being said, we planted in a greenhouse we’ve called out or males weave ready to transplant into a field outside and about 60 days later, and we got to remember-we already started them in indoors, so I’ve already meant to have the game. I was enough:rain, sunshine, no natural disasters 60 days later we’re ready to harvest the the female plant, and then it’s harvested much like tobacco. If anyone’s familiar with that it it’s very labor-intensive, we have design mechanical cutter to go in and harvest it.

Another female plants, depending on the weather and time of year that they get put in the ground. The stock can get easily the size of a broom handle or even larger, and just as woody so have to go in with it with us. Some sort of a tree, shear, chainsaw, machete, lot of work so anyway to get them, get them cut lower. My trailer take him to a facility, let him dry and let him try. Just like you would any other plant that you want to extract the oils out of five or so out of excetera was enough. Air movement cool dark place drives down pull off, although the bloods throw the buds in a food processor, star machine grind them up put that ground plant matter into an extraction. Machine machine extract all the oils out of it, and then that will is ready for the cbd water or we take it down to another form, basement I slit which yo colorless odorless. It’s an isolated product, it’s been processed or another way to look at spending still down and have a pure 99.9% pure product half of the cbd water, and why people last, when will it be released? Well, I’ll, be honest with you I’m the best way to describe that is just when it’s ready. It could be as late as third quarter now talking to these new co-factors and you’re, trying to get a spot or get in line so to speak to to get a beverage can it is. It is a challenge in itself and then, when you add that you’re wanting to do a cbd water that presents another set of challenges. So that’s where we’re at it’s. Why it’s taking so long. The two co-packers that we had find out they went through, has a one got bought out and then the other ones by another company out and so in the meantime another corporate guidance doesn’t know it’s not just because it’s a cbd water, but they are not taking on any other business and on top of that, I have to educate the other side of the buyout or sell out about cbd.

It’s just a process, and it’s very frustrating but we’re getting there. But I just got back from the noco hemp, expo northern, colorado, hemp expo. It was in fort, collins colorado this past weekend and I think it says into itself how hard it is to get a a beverage. Cofactor I only saw two cbd waters there and you know they’re not add any flavor to it or not added any carbonation to it. Won’t take that back. One dead but 7 ounces only and very small, runs and he’s in a glass bottle