CBD Water | Recovery Drink

Hi, this is john kelly, attractive cbd, here to talk to you today about the benefits of cbd water and the cbd water line offered by corrective cbd. The previous that you were talking about the different ways to take cbd and as mentioned the debate, it smoke it and drink it. Take the oil tincture under the tongue ingested that way, as I mentioned, the quickest way to be to vape it, but with the bioavailability of a nanoparticle size and the cd and the cd water. The pure active cbd offers I really believe it’s this. The second best way to take cbd granted. You can have to wait for the digestive system process and metabolizes tubidy, but you need water, anyways I need to hydrate. So that’s why we cleared it towards them as a recovery drink with an everyday drink. It is in no way shape or form an energy drink. It has some natural sweeteners in it and a little bit of added sugar to get a little sweeter, but it’s nowhere near five grams of sugar right now might play with that. Just a little bit more. We experimented with the rest at all what you said:sugar, alcohol and you know still to me:that’s not natural I just had some adverse effects with it in a lot of people. You can get an upset stomach from it and so the way I look at it like just use the stevia, leaf sugar make sure it’s blended well and a little sweetener to it. We can figure out a way to get it down to 3234 grams of sugar per serving. We should will ignore those to be least amount of sugar as possible and stay away from me. Like a splendored, you know what artificial sweetener will be mainly carbonated, since we have the flavor, but it’s very clean drink during natural I will use potassium as a carrier surfactant to help suspend the cbd is very long shelf life for the guaranteed yeah year. Tessa jesse’s stay suspended for over 3 years. So that being said, there’s really not going to settle like you were getting some other dvd drinks, leather and saddles on the top or the bottom and with the oil base. Course it’s going to settle on the top. If it’s isolated order, cbd powder morton’s, the saddle on the bottom so. And cbd water-that we have as I mentioned to our proprietary blend in process and proprietary flavor blend, figured out a way to have it to spend stay suspended for over a year and there’s no reason the shake it up. It’s it’s going to you be evenly distributed and go get those milligrams of cbd. What you need trying to think what else cbd water! It was really got the idea how my friends were taking tvd. We decided to blend in some water and i, wasn’t taking it while working out and noticed that my recovery time was far less has less sore from crossfit workout. So we’re going to offer much like another beverage manufacturer I’ll be available in jen’s chiropractic clinics, doctors, offices buy cbd. Beverages of this caliber are 499 and I feel like a little high I’m trying to stay the 299 price point for the water. Convenience stores, of course, might have a little higher interlocking in grabbing. That