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Video and we’re weather on the traxxas dvd water, drive to cbd water, office, three flavors, lemon lime, orange crush raspberry rush, how many benefits to taking cbd the easiest way to take it to gorgeous dvd water? So what do you bioavailability of the cbd in the water absorbs into your bloodstream? Very quick, and you not only you, hydrated you’re, also ingesting text number, the milligrams of cbd, and that being said, it’s kind of hitting two birds, one stone so to speak. Evaroni’s, the hydrating that sell one of my clients. They have several nursing homes and they are going through two to three hundred bottles a day. Combating the several issues in nursing, home, administrator fight, everyday number, one being dehydration in residence number two is:if they’re not having it taken audio 8. That amounts to take one. He doesn’t have to order as many prescription drugs to give to a patient for anti-inflammatory or even anti-anxiety and cbd treat other elements as well. So he has less than less that risk. Last inventory risk. We don’t worry about the patients family members feeling opioids they’re, not as likely to steal cbd water, any saving money can of them directive, cbd water and it does to pay for prescription and then have to hide the help. Sit there in a minute straight it and do inventory all that stuff that goes along with that I’m going to manage an inventory will be late, so I get very positive results in the nursing home and he’s actually got residents and dumber sleeping better neil gorsuch, less than them less pain, better mood summer experience in the entourage effect, so I got to go back to the the bioavailability i. Taking it orally you’re getting I would say the high teens low twenties of the bioavailability versus you know. If you inhale it download, it could be as high as 45% of the dvd just depends on the podium and that’s taken extreme high potency cbd. So you know or lee is about the same. You know if you, if you go from 11 to 45% of inhaled or scizor lee, high, teens, low, twenties and I really wish. Looking at this document here and I wish, they would head doesn’t say that which strains of cbd they used two to the used two different strains right. There tells me that no one could have had a higher cbd content in the other. They should have used the same same cbd from the same supplier. Saying third party lab test on why they didn’t do that anyways water offered from the great way to to get your daily regimen of cbd. If you have any questions, you can check us out at puractive, cbd.Com or facebook page., 2, cd and other than that. I have several. It’s always contact us via the website, 1-800 number or email info at pure, active cbd.Com or try I mean greek by the water