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Good morning, cbd nation, this is john kelly, with tractor cbd, I kind of took that from drive nation not going to lie we’re here today to talk about cbd water, wish. We had someone here to do q and a’s or someone that did that email. Some questions, it’s kind of hard disk that can talk about the same thing over and over again. How do you know if your act to see you the offers three flavors of cbd water and that that’s orange, crush, lime, lush, raspberry rush and all right I go through what is the difference between or what is? Cbd hemp and cbd frequently asked questions:cbd, cannabidiol natural occurring from industrial hemp cbd we use and cbd water is from industrial hemp cbd oil versus the cannabis oil. You can get it to different ways, as I mentioned, passed from marijuana or destrehan. I just said:it comes from industrial hemp, cbd-rich, hemp, oil or hemp derived cbd oil, cbd-rich cannabis oil, or also known as hemp, extract tip. Looking to a much more than just cbd, let’s say who’s, the guy that got the entourage effect. Sorry I just kind of got distracted with something there, but cbd water has me on course. The cbd in it cbd already has amino acids, including the 9th at the human body can’t make on its own. It’s got some vitamins, minerals and our body has its own. Hey call dad, canon camera died, cannabidiol receptors that are brain fires off. Nobody actually makes it sound cbd and as we’re just you know, we’ve only been learning about cbd I’ve been mid-nineties, so their research is still fairly new, but just want to go ahead and reiterate that that’s what cbd oil is it’s from hours is from industrial hemp is hemp. Extract is 40% cannabinoids. What is the other 60% gray question besides naturally occurring there’s 80 different photo cannabinoids in cbd oil or hemp oil or cbd cbd seed or cbd gcpd in excetera. In addition, does can’t have a noise naturally present in our agricultural hemp extract. There are also many natural molecules compound that I mentioned. Let me know acids there’s carbs like I mentioned the vitamins earlier, I think I mention trace minerals. What else I’m just trying to just dropped on my head here anyway? All that is in cbd water that we offer what’s the difference between a question, I get what’s nursery new hampshire marijuana make up already touchdown that marijuana has a high concentration of thc, which is the psychoactive property of marijuana. To get you high. Hemp does not have the high concentration of thc in, even if it, of course are hemp. Oil does have a little thc in it, but through the extraction process and blending process, we remove all thc. So you will not test hot on a drug test from drinking tvd water, rcb, high, concentration of thc, 50, state legal and, like we mentioned you’re, not going to test hot. Another question:are hemp derived cannabinoid such a cbd as good as cbd from marijuana? Yes, they’re the same thanks, cbd, whether it’s from marijuana or hemp. Most marijuana has a very low non-psychoactive, cbd characteristic versus industrial hemp and marijuana place by the high thc vape duster lamp that we use for our cbd water has a very high characteristic of cbd and low thc a lot of times and we’re already under before you can process in less than 3/10 of 1% thc so and walk about what we do with the thc. Well, do the extraction process. It just goes down the drain, so we were literally throwing thc like that’s not war after dvd water. What is the percentage of cannabinoids and cbd in the product? Milligram dosage is 25 mg. / 12 oz can are just non flavored water water has 10 mg. Why is the water so much last answer simple:put 25 mg into a bottle of water in a clear bottle. It would be cloudy by the time we got it in there if I have a bottle of cbd water is cloudy right next to a bottle. That’s clear! Even a bit done that cbd in it or not. The customer is going to buy that clear water. So that’s why we kept it at 10 at 10. We can keep it clear, still had great bioavailability, still refreshing and that’s why we did. That was not a part of that question the extract and the tv content. We start with an I feel it which is 99% pure cbd. After the extraction process, plus we are losing some of the benefits of cbd and that’s when we add him back into the drink such as you just ask him about the trace vitamins, minerals and we try to best movie, can mimic the cbd water as if we just put the tv. Oil in it now. I. Remember water and oil do not mix so through the extraction in the blending process to lose the thc like I said we lose trace vitamins, minerals we had those back in, did that cbd to suspend in the water in the 10 million mg, the clear bottle and get 10 mg of cbd, potassium and sodium those are used as a surfactant carrier for the cbd and leave the perfect ph and the trace vitamins. Minerals are the same on the carbonation cbd water beverage, but we just upped the dosage of the cbd because it’s coming in aluminum can and its flavored. So it’s it’s got a color, whether it be red, green orange and it’s already cloudy because of the color of the flavoring, and so we were able just to simply, add more dosage of cbd. Best. Excuse me best method of use, obviously cvt water, its most available drinks, water and save it and i, don’t like being around someone if they think I might be a little biased to that question, but that that’s my take on it serving size.

You know thick milligram day has been the suggested serving serving size and lot of articles. I read, you know you can adjust higher or lower from there, but with a seal you can still take another cbd product in addition to the cbd water and you’re, not going to overdose on cbd. So with that being said, you feel free to check it. Out., cbd.Com and sign up and try your first beverages, cbd water on us for just a dollar